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Work Scheduling

Work Scheduling

‘The Planner & Web Rostering’

PlannerSimplify how you create shift patterns and manage quick shift changes
Web RosteringSave and Simplify how you plan and control complex and flexible shift patterns

If only your work scheduling could automatically work in harmony with the rest of your workforce management system. Platinum Enterprise now offer simple and a more complex flexible scheduling solution?

View all workforce schedules across your business, to identify and resolve issues quickly and easily and gain financial insight as to the costs associated with them.

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    The Planner

    Standard within Platinum Enterprise a tool enabling managers to quickly plan and forecast a company’s labour needs without the need for a paper based system creates and displays all types of daily and weekly shift patterns from basic shifts to continental, rotational and flexitime variations . Shift changes can now be created in seconds for the week, the month or for the full year automatically altering the employee’s timesheets, reducing errors allowing a manager to be more productive whilst reducing business costs.

    Web Rostering

    New for 2020 the latest addition to the Platinum Enterprise portfolio is an annually paid add-on license allowing for more complex scheduling providing a much more flexible roster system using a web browser. Daily schedules can be easily and simply set-up and managers can compare costs daily/ weekly and monthly by person, operation or department even move employees to different departments or cost centres within seconds. Example projected rostered v actual hours, projected rostered v actual rostered costs and totals by department all summarised and displayed on a powerful Dashboard showing the net effect on overall operational costs. Ideally suited to healthcare, hospitality and leisure sector or anywhere where a much more flexible work scheduling solution is required.

    Benefits Summary

    • Quick shift changes

      Timesheets amended in seconds using drag and drop of individual schedules.

    • Simplifies work scheduling

      Easy to use, improves accuracy and reduces errors.

    • Optimal Coverage

      Eliminates manual scheduling processes for optimal labour coverage.

    • Transparency

      Managers have full visibility where changes in shifts have taken place and fully audited.

    • Forecasting

      Provides accurate insights to better predict labour needs and costs now and in future.

    • Smart Rostering

      With customisation create an automated roster based on unlimited rules like: Number of employees, Hard Skills (employees and weekly cover), holidays, number of employees

    • Identifies missing skills

      Identifies quickly if right skills mix/qualifications not available for a shift.

    • Planning & Control

      Cost each roster, so you can match staffing requirements to budgets and have better planning and control of your costs.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Work Scheduling part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.

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