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Absence Management Software

Absence Management Software

Simplify holidays with automation & Save by monitoring absenteeism

Use absence management software to simplify holiday management with automation and save big by monitoring absenteeism.

Ask any business manager, and they will often say that absence is the biggest cause of lost productivity in the workplace. After all, if one of your staff does not turn in to work – for whatever reason – then you are inevitably going to lose out on potential completed work for the time that they are absent. You may find yourself scrambling around for cover if they are absent at short notice, which can waste precious time and money.

Did you know that according to the ACAS the cost of absence in UK industry is reported to be more than £19 billion each year?

Do not find yourself being part of this staggering budget. Avoid it with our extensive absence management system.

Our staff holiday booking system helps automate holidays and absence requests, as well as reporting on the true causes and costs of absenteeism in your business. This allows you to be in more control as to why your employees are absent and just what wider effect this is having on your operations. You will be glad to know that this absence management system is fully compatible with Bradford Factor scoring methodology and allows you and your staff alike to develop the strategies needed to reduce the cost of absence in your business.

There are four key drivers behind our absence monitoring software:

  1. Monitor and track employees holiday entitlements quickly with our efficient software method
  2. Easily manage holiday/leave requests from staff
  3. Plan and control staffing during absent periods, giving you plenty of control and organisation as a result
  4. Monitoring absenteeism using Bradford Factor scoring and other analytics

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    Monitoring Absenteeism

    Absence management software UK tracks many different types of absenteeism in the workplace. This gives you the ability to investigate your gathered data with detail, and quickly detect possible trends. Platinum’s staff holiday booking system makes easy work of monitoring holidays taken and days booked, this gives managers the planning and control tool needed to determine the effect of planned and unplanned absences. The database also allows for records to be stored for as long as required, in line with GDPR compliance. The longer you work with our absence management system, the more information you will have access to.

    Benefits Summary

    • Bradford Factor

      Compatible with Bradford Factor methodology to monitor short term spells of sickness, a major cause of absenteeism and lost productivity in companies

    • Authorisation

      Employees can only request holidays, so absence responsibility for authorisation still rests with line managers, making them more accountable for their actions

    • Absence Trends & Tactical Absence

      Spot absence trends over time by company, site or department over a 6, 12 or 18 month period
      Identify deliberate tactical abuse of absence process when holidays declined and yet still taken

    • Absence Statistics

      Better planning and control of staffing levels in departments e.g. Fork life truck drivers, allowing the relevant Health and Safety/First offers to always be present on site

    • Holiday Entitlements

      Create absence entitlement policies that define the number of day’s holiday, and implement special rules for new starters and long-serving employees with no carryovers as standard

    • Auto Calculations

      Holidays will be calculated automatically for an employee no matter what their start date is, giving you one less thing to worry about

    • Block book absences

      Bank holiday/factory shutdowns can be applied at the start of the year to the whole company or simply a grouping of employees

    • Past and Future Holidays

      Request and book holidays on the same day or forward plan holidays for the years ahead

    • Leave Management

      Record offsite meetings/training events as part of an onsite roll call solution

    • Customisation

      Tailor your absence monitoring software to your bespoke requirements, perfect for the way your absence policies operate

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    Are you interested in implementing our Platinum Enterprise absence management software for your business? Do you feel like your workplace could benefit? If so, feel free to contact us on 01942 272061 to find out more, or email us at sales@addtimerecording.co.uk . If that’s not enough then why not book a FREE consultation or demo with one of our team to get see for yourself how Enterprise can transform your business.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Absence Management part of your whole workforce management software solution with Platinum Enterprise.

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