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Workforce Time and Attendance Software

Addtime provide a range of workforce time and attendance software to help your business to manage a variety of aspects that are part of the day to day running on your company.

Our GDPR Compliant Software can be utilised in numerous fields which are found in more detail on the pages below.

Services & Support

Addtime work with customers to find the best solution to your needs. From the choice of hardware and software that’s perfect for your business to installation, training and ongoing support of your solution or system. We employ a specialist team of office support and installation engineers as well as experienced onsite support technicians based in our local UK office to provide that extra level of service when you need it.

A workforce management solution tailored to your business needs. Let our team install, train your staff and maintain it giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

How can I create a quick and easy work schedules?

By using Platinum Enterprise, stress will be eliminated at a management level straight away, allowing for this to filter down to employees and reduce decision making and unnecessary activity to create a more efficient workplace.

How can I eliminate time clock fraud?

Our software can incorporate biometric hardware to ensure that time clock fraud is no more, this also improves security and hygiene.

How can I centralise systems and processes as part of GDPR?

Our GDPR compliant software keeps personal records stored securely are part of our software and allows for easy removal of non-essential data.

Are you happy with your current provider and the support they offer?

If you are looking to upgrade from physical methods to efficient software or are not content with the current time and attendance, then get in touch with us to discuss upgrading to Platinum Enterprise.


Your workforce management system, tailored to your business. Let our team install, train and maintain, and discover complete workforce vision.



How do I eliminate time theft? Can I do payroll faster? How do I know who’s on site right now? Discover the workforce management system that answers the questions you really want answering.


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Since 1982, we’ve been helping to make every working day easier by giving businesses like yours a complete workforce vision, saving you money by helping streamline your processes.

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