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Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software

The basis of British health and safety law is the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. This sets out the general duties which employers have towards employees and members of the public, and employees have to themselves and to each other. These duties are qualified in the Act by the principle of ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’.

What the law requires here is what good management and common sense would lead employers to do anyway: that is, to look at what the risks are and take sensible measures to tackle them. You can view our visitor management software brochure by clicking the image below:

Visitor Management Software Brochure

Inventry Monitor

When assessing the need for a comprehensive visitor management system a company should look at 4 key areas: Health & Safety & Emergency; Security; Image & Data and assess which are most important to them.


Who is on site / Types of visitors / Forms of identification required?

Health & Safety

What instructions/documents do visitors need before attending site/ Pre-booking visitors?


Does current visitor management system create the right first impression on arrival?


Can you analyse and report on types of visitors/how many visitors attend site daily?



Conventional visitor books are capable of offering all of this but what if one software solution could provide all of the following electronically:

Addtime has teamed up with Inventry market leaders in visitor management solutions because like us they are trusted by organisations across the UK to deliver a best in class solution to meet all of your requirements

Key Capabilities:

  1. Fully customisable 20″ touchscreen with an integrated webcam for a professional look
  2. Visitors can sign themselves in and create temporary ID badges in seconds
  3. Fully customisable ID badges able to work with barcode and most leading door access systems including Paxton
  4. Agreement screen ensures site terms and conditions read & agreed before entering.
  5. Contractors able to have RAM’s and induction procedures before entering site
  6. Sign in screens available in multiple languages.
  7. Visitors can be pre-booked for events using Outlook email invitations
  8. Instant email and SMS notifications as soon as visitors sign in to hosts.
  9. Mobile evacuation app marks off employees at assembly points.

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