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‘Save money by tracking and monitoring hours worked’

How much time are your people spending completing, collating and chasing timesheets? Could poor time keeping be costing you money? Switch to Platinum Enterprise time and attendance management system and free up time, resource and money.

The time and attendance module makes your clocking more accurate, gives you full departmental or organisational visibility to save you money, streamlines your reporting and simplifies your payroll and attendance processes. ‘One of our customers told us that they saved £385 in just 1 month monitoring lateness, that’s £4,620 over a 12 month period’, just think what it could do for your company.

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    Benefits Summary

    • Customise shift patterns and make changes quickly

      Create work schedules easily and make quick shift changes in seconds.

    • Real time alerts

      Lateness, missed clocking’s and unauthorised absences mean anomalies spotted faster

    • Working rules

      All working rules including rounding’s, grace time, breaks, lunches can be integrated

    • Overtime

      Keep overtime costs under control with authorisation and real time reporting to stay in budget.

    • Reduce payroll process time by up to 50%

      Simply by linking time and attendance data with payroll time and errors are reduced and accuracy increased.

    • Return to Work

      Alerts when long term sickness/absences return to work and automatically email back to work forms as part of HR procedures.

    Attendance = Efficiency & Productivity = Reduced Costs

    Having the right people in the right place at the right time will guarantee any company runs smoothly with maximum efficiency. Platinum Enterprise time and attendance module provides you with the tools to schedule where your workforce should be and how long they should be working. It allows you to plan for each department, selecting employees with the relevant tasks for the job in hand.

    As an increasing number of businesses are choosing different working patterns: flexitime, rotational/ continental shifts and annualised hours as their preferred working method, so it is important their systems can track, monitor and report on this effectively. Platinum Enterprise time and attendance capabilities is built for scale, with a huge functionality and comprehensive reporting providing detailed intelligence enabling managers to make strategic decisions quickly and have better planning and control tools in place to monitor and reduce operating costs.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Time and Attendance part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise. Contact us today for a FREE consultation or better still why not Book a Demo.

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