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About Us

Since 1982, Addtime has been a leading UK supplier of time recording machines and time and attendance systems. In this time, we have helped businesses save, streamline & simplify their business processes. Over the years, we’ve changed our brand, image and services to reflect the changing needs of our market. We still provide traditional clock machines and security patrol systems with all of the accessories as we look to provide the best quality of clock machines to businesses who prefer that way of attendance management. However, we now supply next-generation biometric workforce management systems that can network across multiple locations to drive down operational costs and improve productivity in the workplace.

Our market leading software Platinum is now available in 3 versions: Junior, Premium & Enterprise to meet all needs and budgets. It no longer provides simple time and attendance using biometric clocking terminals but is now able to manage complex shift patterns and integrate your working rules, create work schedules and report on lateness, missed clocking’s and absence in real-time.

Platinum software centralises your attendance, absence management and HR processes enabling effective integration with your payroll system without duplication or human errors. It can also provide greater security and health and safety with door access and fire roll call to protect both your employees and your property.

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    The Addtime Story

    In 1982 Thomas Hilton set up as a sole trader successfully repairing old clock card and time recording machines having worked in the business for many years prior to that. Two years later in addition to maintenance services he then started to supply a range of clock machines and so Addtime Recording Company Limited was founded. The name was chosen as it derived from ‘time recording’ and Thomas felt that adding ‘Add’ represents exactly what his machines could do ie. ‘adding time’ for tracking hours worked. It also helped that customers would be able to find his company easily as one of the first entries in the Yellow Pages telephone directory, the main source for searching local businesses at that time.

    Over the next 30 years the company started to move with the times offering not only traditional clock card machines but also security patrol systems plus accessories and PC linked time recording software using magnetic cards or hand scans. In the early 2000’s came the game changer for the business when they were introduced to Timeware a software developer based in Lancashire and together they started to supply a much more comprehensive time and attendance software that has now become known as ‘Platinum’. In 2016 the company’s name was shortened to simply ‘Addtime’ to avoid confusion with the music or recording industry and since then a new management team have helped shape the business, which is now built on biometric software selling into the B2B market. Each year Platinum software has evolved from simple time and attendance to what is now a very powerful suite of workforce management applications and hand scans have now been replaced by the latest in facial and fingerprint recognition devices and today non-contact facial recognition will be the leading biometric for the business given concerns over Covid-19 transmission and general workplace hygiene.

    Today Thomas Hilton still has a presence in the business, but it is now being led by his young son Peter who has grown up working his way through the business. He together with a young dynamic team of sales experts and software technicians are driving future growth and whilst Addtime are still able to supply traditional clock card machines & security patrol systems their main focus is now to move companies to the very latest in biometric time and attendance/ workforce management solutions. They now supply 3 versions of Platinum software to help companies reduce costs and improve productivity, taking them to the next level of ‘Complete Workforce Vision’.

    The Addtime Brand

    The Addtime brand has existed since 1982 because it represents a family business who prides itself on working with customers to provide excellence in support and service. From traditional clock card machines, security patrol systems and the consumables sold with them to the latest in biometric time and attendance / workforce management software we help clients choose the right solution for them and their budget.

    In terms of software it is all about understanding a client’s requirements fully then partnering with them to deliver the right solution and helping them get more from their software over time. We do this with a mix of support services and training to help them Save, Streamline and Simplify their processes. We want customers to feel 100% confident they are choosing the right solution when working with us and 120% happy with the results and of the service and support they receive at all times from our software technicians and engineers in terms of prompt response and swift resolutions.


    Our Mission

    Why We Exist? – “We help HR & Finance Directors reduce operational costs & increase productivity by keeping them ‘Financially Lean & Workplace Clean’ with an ROI in just 90 days.”

    Our Vision

    Where are we going? – “To be the number 1 choice for biometric workforce management solutions in the UK”

    TransparencyWe operate with true openness & transparency, encouraging open communication and dialogue.
    CommitedWe have a strong commitment & passion to getting the job done and being the best at everything we do.
    TrustedAs guardians of time and attendance since 1982 we are trusted to give the best advice and support.
    Customer FocusedThe customer is our number 1 priority and everything starts and ends with them.
    ServiceWe put the current and future needs of customers at the heart of everything we do.
    TeamworkWe support and value our customers and our colleagues, enjoying the work we do in an open and honest way.
    ExcellenceWe strive for operational excellence and to get job’s right 1st time.

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    Commite d
    Truste d
    Cus t omer focussed
    Serv i ce
    Tea m work
    Excell e nce
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