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Streamline all paper based personnel records into one location with centralised HR

Management is easier when you have all your information in one secure place. Within Platinum Enterprise is a comprehensive HR/personnel module to centralise all of your personnel data and helps your human resource department work more efficiently. This allows for easier reporting and ensures everything is easier to access, store and maintain, the heart of a GDPR process.

As data controllers organisations set the security and access permission levels for staff using the system and decide on what information is stored and what levels of access and permissions they want to allow. All information can be easily accessed in one place whenever you need it

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Benefits Summary

  • Simple set up

    Quickly set up new starters and ensure no duplication and greater accuracy by inputting only once integrating with your payroll system.

  • Groupings

    Group employees into site, department, operations for easier and detailed reporting.

  • Real Time Alerts

    Use the To-Do-List to provide real time notification alerts for training expiry dates, appraisal or disciplinary reminder dates, probation period end dates etc.

  • Documents

    Store and record all supporting documentation under each personnel section.

  • Training Records

    All qualifications, licenses and accreditations electronically stored in one secure location with real time alerts for expiry date reminders

  • Training Matrix

    Allocate training and qualifications to employees and create Integrated training plan, showing those courses planned, authorised or completed. Builds a complete and permanent picture of your workforce’s training history, aligned to skills and employment history

  • Right to Work / Disclosure & Barring:

    Ensure all vital employee data is checked and in one place with links to latest Government rules and regulations.

  • User Defined Fields

    Create and store new information not already included in the Personnel module with unlimited capacity available to store additional data checks.

  • Documents

    Store and upload other company documentation not included in various personnel sections

Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Personnel part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.