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Platinum Access Control

Platinum Access Control

Streamline and Simplify how you protect and monitor your buildings and people

A standalone access control system can control security of who gains access to your premises, but when you integrate your access control system with the rest of your Platinum Enterprise workforce management software it can do so much more.

Platinum’s Access Control module is part of a complete solution that protects your people and buildings making your business more secure and more efficient. The software can control doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles monitoring when staff and contractors arrive and leave. It can also monitor door activity, so you not only know when a door has been left open, but also who has tried and failed. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Platinum Enterprise Personnel module the software ensures that when a member of staff or a contractor leaves work or completes their project, they won’t be able to re-enter the building.

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    Benefits Summary

    • Secure areas

      Protect key areas of your business: cash, server and R & D rooms etc.

    • Access Patterns & Zones

      Create access patterns and free zones around the building to restrict access to some or all staff at selected times or all the time.

    • Alerts

      Receive real time alerts notifying: doors ajar, forced or failed entry attempts.

    • Audit trail

      Comprehensive reports provide an archive of all door activity and details of who has attempted to access the site outside permitted hours.

    • Real-time roll call

      Install in/out readers on doors & create effective real-time roll call solution to know who is on or offsite at all times (avoids using attendance terminals for all employees including salaried staff)

    • Standardisation & Security

      Quickly disable lost and stolen badges or biometric profiles to regain security of your buildings with 1 system for both attendance and access control.

    • Need higher levels of security and compliance?

      Add biometric facial or fingerprint recognition readers to match your attendance terminal profiles for increased security across your estate.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Access Control part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.

    How reliable is facial recognition for attendance clocking?

    Compared to fingerprint recognition, which is acknowledged to have a potential 10% failure rate plus the hygiene issues now in the workplace. Facial recognition is seen as being almost 99% reliable and requires no contact by the user

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