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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the system that answers the questions you really want answering.

Why should I switch to a software-based system?

Software will save you both ‘time and money’ by calculating all of the hours worked quickly and accurately.

How do I choose the right time and attendance system for my business?

See our Addtime Live software options guide – What features/capabilities do you need?

How can I afford a time and attendance system?

Cost is a major factor for all businesses at this time but what if I can show you a way in which you can afford this and spread out your monthly costs getting an instant ROI, see our Finance Options

What are the 3 versions of your Addtime Live software?

Addtime have options to suit every business and budget in every sector. Platinum is made up of Junior and Premium time and attendance and the full version is Enterprise workforce management

How do I reduce my payroll time by 50%?

Simple by collating your attendance data with your payroll everything is done automatically. An export in CSV or Excel format collates all of your hours, overtime and absence for you to check ready to import into your payroll system.

How reliable is facial recognition for attendance clocking?

Compared to fingerprint recognition, which is acknowledged to have a potential 10% failure rate plus the hygiene issues now in the workplace. Facial recognition is seen as being almost 99% reliable and requires no contact by the user

Does facial recognition take a photograph of me?

This is a popular misconception, No the device takes an image of the individual, which is then encrypted to become an algorithm with Platinum software making it unique to every person.

What if I don’t have a network?

No network, no problem we can set up remote connections between sites or there is the option of a battery/portable device using USB downloads to simply collect your clocking’s.

What is a shift pattern?

Each working day is divided into shifts, which are set periods of time where different groups of workers perform their duties

What is a daily schedule?

The hours that an employee works each day to complete their task

What is a period schedule?

This is the weekly hours worked by an employee adding up their daily schedules

What are real-time alerts?

Platinum Enterprise software is a networked solution meaning that when all devices are connected then data is transferred immediately meaning that the database and reports are updated every 30 seconds or in real-time

What are the Working Time Regulations (WTR)?

The Working Time Regulations 1998 put a limit on the number of hours that workers can work each week. The basic provisions of the Working Time Regulations state that employees are: Required to work an average of / no more than 48 hours a week, unless they specifically opt-out It was originally based on the EU Working Time Directive.

How do I eliminate time theft?

The most effective way to eliminate time theft or time clock fraud is to introduce biometric clocking terminals into the workplace (face/finger or hand recognition, which uniquely verifies the individual when they clock in or out for work. View Hardware Here

How do I know who’s on site right now?

Real-time roll call would be the most effective way to achieve onsite/ offsite presence immediately

Fire roll Call will give you immediate roll call of your employees in the event of an emergency

These are some of the most common questions asked but should you have a burning question that you need to ask then why not email us on our Contact Us Page or give us a quick call on 01942 272061 , so we can discuss it with you in greater detail. Addtime’s mantra has always been: ‘where there is a problem there is always a solution’, so let us help you.

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