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Time and Attendance Hardware

Workforce Management Software

Touchless Access Control

Stay workplace clean with touchless biometric technology and reduce contamination.

Facial Recognition

Standing a short distance away from the device presenting your face as the key for instant, unique verification to clock in or open a door without touching any access terminals or objects.

Silk Multi Bio / Multi Bio 800 / SpeedFace V5L / FaceLite / FaceStation 2 / ProFace X

Palm Recognition

The latest technology involves contactless access control through palm biometrics where a simple wave of the hand acknowledges the individual by scanning the palm print and veins feature points for unique verification identification.

SpeedFace V5L / ProFace X


Touch Access Control


Unique verification of individuals using the ridges on the flat of the fingertip for attendance clocking and access control.

Silk Multi Bio / Multi Bio 800 / SpeedFace V5L / ProFace X / BioLite N2 / BioEntry W2 / BioEntry P2


Legacy but still reliable technology used in the manufacturing and production sectors, which require robust and resilient clocking in solutions using the hand followed by a PIN code for verification and clocking.


Proximity Access Control

Indoor and outdoor readers for use with most badges or fobs can be used in conjunction with time and attendance software and clocking but generally used for access control software or as part of a simple visitor management solution.

Most touchless and touch devices will include RFID capabilities offering multiples ways to clock in or out as well as for door access where required.

BioEntry W2 / BioEntry P2 / X Pass2


Where no power or network is in place for Health and Safety reasons. Simple solutions using alkaline batteries and USB downloads in chemical or pharmaceutical environments or a biometric/RFID option using a 5-10 hour battery for a more rugged resilient work environment.

S922 / Timy


Simple use of a mobile phone (iPhone or Android) to clock remote or mobile workers in and out in real time, whilst stamping their GPS location and sending the data back to the central mobile clocking in systems database for reporting on attendance and whereabouts.

Addtime Mobile Worker

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