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WE Dowds Ltd

“Addtime support are a credit to your company”

Julie Boycott, Finance Manager

W.E Dowds (Shipping) Ltd are a private family owned business founded in 1960. They handle general cargoes: fertiliser, animal feed, timber, aluminium and steel from its North Dock at Newport. Currently they employ 95 people and previously used a combination of old time and attendance software and paper based systems and decided to look for a solution that would support both Human Resource and Payroll functions to streamline procedures and could integrate with their current handscanner. Julie Boycott Finance Manager explained:

“We looked at several possible solutions but chose Addtime Platinum Enterprise because we felt that it would not only suit our present needs but going forward would enable us to be more efficient in our HR and payroll functions”.

Julie also felt that Platinum Enterprise was the most ‘user friendly’ software enabling managers to have access to information they may need and be able to keep up to date with holidays, working hours, sickness absence etc. Julie also explained one of our biggest problems was trying to solve employee’s clock-in issues once a week but these are now addressed on a daily basis by the Operation Team enabling payroll to be more efficient. We also particularly liked the ‘To Do’ List’ giving managers information of what needed authorising or correcting etc. The ability for employees to book holidays via the ESS system also appealed to us as it is much more efficient than our old booking system.

W E Dowds

Current Features

W E Dowds use the software for all HR and payroll functions including personnel records, absence management, medical and appraisal records etc. They have a workforce who use clocking-in so all hours etc. are logged and anomalies are authorised daily. They are currently using Platinum Enterprise for all training records and like the fact that training due to expire appears on the ‘To Do List’. They are logging all disciplinary and accident notes onto individual employee’s records and use the ESS holiday booking system with relevant managers to authorise holidays.

Future Features

Going forward the company will strive to become more efficient using the system. Payroll will eventually export working hours straight into Sage Payroll and they aim to become more proficient with the reports function and are keen to see how the Asset Management function can work be utilised. Bespoke work may involve using the ESS more for raising queries as part of the HR /Payroll function.

Addtime Service

Julie told us that from the first time we had our demonstration of the system the support we have had from Addtime has been excellent. They came down for the initial installation and although we experienced issues with one clocking terminal, it was replaced immediately. With 8 managers currently using the system Addtime support have worked closely with not only myself but IT, Payroll and HR solving queries and issues that have arisen. They have throughout the past 6 months of using the system been very supportive, helping us come to grips with everyday issues guiding us through its various functions and are a “credit to your company”.

Charles Dowds Chairman also echoed Julie’s comments about service and support but also added;

“What stood out for me was that other software we considered had a dated feel, whereas what impressed me was Platinum’s more up to date approach. I also liked the to-do list and favourite reports meaning managers can access information quickly and easily”

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WE Dowds at a glance

Platinum Enterprise system with biometric hand scanners

Core Features:

Planned Features:

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