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Biometric Facial Recognition Scanners

Biometric Facial Recognition Scanners

Facial recognition scanners map an individual’s facial features mathematically and store the data as a faceprint. The software for our biometric face scanners uses deep learning algorithms to compare a live capture or digital image to the stored faceprint in order to verify an individual’s identity. The software identifies 80 endpoints on a human face such as the length or width of the nose, the depth of the eye sockets, and the shape of the cheekbones.

The face recognition attendance system works by capturing data for the endpoints on a digital image of an individual’s face and storing the resulting data as a faceprint. The faceprint is then used as a basis for comparison with data captured from faces in an image or video.

How Does a Face Recognition Attendance System work?

The image captured on biometric face scanners is matched against the person’s database profile (first name, last name, payroll I.D) and then is uploaded onto the SQL database stored on a client’s server. The person should then be able to clock in on the device for attendance and access control purposes and a clocking or booking should be recorded within time and attendance software or a door should open upon verification to provide them with the access they need.

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