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Payroll time was taking too long using traditional clock card machines at separate sites. The business was looking for a better time management solution and wanted to discuss options for moving from clock cards to a software based solution.

The Issues:

Payroll processing was too often tying up valuable management time and resources meaning other equally important tasks in the business were suffering as a result.

There were 3 sites across the UK, so clock cards from each had to be gathered and collated monthly at Head Office.

Admin staff had to then manually enter all of the attendance data onto a separate spreadsheet, together with any overtime or bonuses and include any absence and sickness before manually inputting all of this onto their payroll system.

This whole process from start to finish was talking up to 1.5 weeks per month.


The HR/Payroll Manager were feeling under increasing pressure every month to complete the payroll quickly and accurately at the expense of other equally important tasks.

Need to monitor attendance more closely (lateness, missed clocking’s, late lunches, finishing early etc)

Reducing the number of processes involved to improve speed and accuracy and reduce errors.

Reduce the calculation time per employee timesheet.


Platinum Enterprise payroll integration module linking attendance and payroll together to collate all of the information automatically as well as helping reduce costs in other areas too.

  • Biometric attendance terminals to eliminate time clock fraud networked together between sites send all attendance data to Head Office daily or weekly and missed clocking’s identified quickly reconciling timesheets
  • Create an export that collates all of the time and attendance data together in one place, automatically so all that is required is verification of the data before it is imported into your payroll system.
  • Create shift patterns and real time alerts to identify lateness, missed clocking’s , absence and any other anomalies like leaving early or arriving late after lunch.
  • Add pay rates to carry out all complex payments and deductions for sick maternity pay
  • Integrate bonuses involving additional pay rates into your payroll calculation easily and accurately.

The Result:

Once implemented Platinum Enterprise provided a simple, effective solution for Clearway’s payroll processing issues saving them both time and money.

The payroll process that originally took 1.5 weeks per month from multiple sites now takes only a matter of hours.

The HR & Payroll Managers time is now freed up for equally important tasks and relieved considerable pressure in the office around payroll time.

Introducing Platinum Enterprise made substantial cost savings across the whole of the business in terms of attendance and payroll before taking into account how it helped automate the holiday and absence process.

It reduced the time to process payroll by up to 50% meaning valuable resources were freed up in the business and a happier workforce.

See how much Platinum Enterprise payroll integration can save your business today with a FREE Consultation and using our Savings Calculator?

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