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Biometric Enrolment

Biometric Enrolment

“Organisations should not under-estimate the importance of biometric enrolment and testing as the first step in implementing a comprehensive workforce management solution”

It is widely accepted that introducing biometric time and attendance software (facial/fingerprint or hand recognition) into the workplace will eliminate or at least greatly reduce time-clock fraud.

However, our experience shows that introducing biometrics into the workplace is not always that easy for various reasons:

  • It needs backing and endorsing from the Board level downwards to ensure that the introduction of biometric attendance clocking becomes a part of their culture.
  • It needs a clear data protection policy created around how, why and where a person’s biometric data is being used.
  • With a multi-cultural workforce, this may need to be communicated in their own language to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • It needs to have trained administrators with time to carry out the registration process quickly and consistently ensuring it pulls through to the central database.

The Addtime Solution

More often than not biometric systems fail for one or more of these reasons and Addtime with vast experience in the time and attendance sector have found only one solution to this problem and that is to introduce a ‘Biometric Enrolment Service’ as part of their Platinum Enterprise workforce management solution.

The advantages of this service are all about saving companies ‘Time and Money’ and ensuring the most effective implementation of a Platinum Enterprise solution by:

1 Enrolment

Enrolment and registration of company employees on a biometric device (or at least 80% of the workforce on an agreed day) to create a 2d facial or fingerprint profile.

Ensures the clocking device is positioned correctly and suitable light is available for facial recognition

2 Matching

Matching the 2d biometric profile to the employee’s name and details on the SQL database.

3 Testing

The employee to carry out a test booking to ensure the clocking data pulls through to the correct name on the database.

4 Right 1st Time

Once tested and working properly we can be 100% confident that attendance clocking will be ‘Right 1st Time, every Time’

The employees will know what is expected of them and the company will have complete confidence and trust in the integrity of the system once it goes live.

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