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What is Workforce Management?

Time and Attendance Software

Workforce management is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize the productivity of its employees. It involves effectively forecasting labour requirements and creating and managing staff work schedules to accomplish a particular task on a day-to-day and hour-to-hour basis.

Basic time and attendance systems work on the basis of simple shifts and working rules being applied and collating attendance, overtime and absence data for payroll. Workforce Management software allows for much more complexity to be built into the solution like:

  • Complex shift patterns and non-standard working rules
  • Self-service for holidays and Bradford Factor scoring for monitoring absenteeism
  • Payroll integration plus complex payments and deductions
  • Reactive monitoring of the Working Time Directive or Regulations
  • GDPR Frameworks for compliance
  • Centralised HR/Personnel to track the employee journey and for training and assets
  • Health and Safety features like: Real time roll call and Fire roll call
  • Door access controls to protect both people and property
  • Customisation to automate, integrate and connect with 3rd party systems
  • Mobile or remote working

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