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Palm Vein Scanners

Palm Vein Scanners

Our palm vein scanners use a 3 in 1 verification process to establish an individual’s unique identity:

Step 1: Palm Recognition

When the palm is close to the camera, the camera will first activate the palm recognition process to identify whether it is an actual palm. If the nearing object is not a palm, it will stop any further recognition process. If the nearing object is a palm, it will pass it to the next step.

Step 2: Palm Print Recognition

After the palm recognition process takes place, the infrared camera of the palm biometric scanner will be activated and start processing the palm print recognition and palm vein recognition simultaneously. The camera will recognize the feature point of the palm print and cross-check with the database.

Step 3: Palm Vein Recognition

Meanwhile, the infrared camera will use the infrared light to observe the palm vein, using contactless biometrics, which is normally unobservable by the human eye. In the same way, as with the palm print, it will recognize the feature point of the palm vein and then cross-check with the database for its availability.

How are Palm Vein Scanners used with Time and Attendance Software

As part of the enrolment, the person will register their hand with their user id to create a template and this will be uploaded into the time and attendance software we provide. The template will be matched against their details on the database to allow data to be recorded against their name for attendance clocking or door access.

For palm recognition, the waving of the palm will record the palm dimensions, palm print, and palm vein biometrics. This data will then be matched against the database to allow data to be recorded against an individual for clocking in/out or for door access.

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