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Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Why Workforce Management Software?

Here at Addtime, we have three variations of Addtime Live business management software, in the form of Lite, Premium and Enterprise. Addtime Live Lite and Premium offer basic and advanced time and attendance reporting whilst Enterprise is the most complete version of this software, perfect for large scale businesses. Addtime Live Enterprise provides your business with immediate benefits reducing operational costs around attendance, absence and payroll and improving productivity in areas like HR and Health and Safety.

Did you know that every year, absence in the workplace costs UK businesses over £19billion and is a key cause of lost productivity. However, this can be monitored accurately and effectively using a workforce planning software. SME (small-medium enterprise) owners readily admit to us that a lack of HR and time and attendance expertise is a large contributory factor to wasted time, damaged reputations and fines for non-compliance.

Here at Addtime, our experience shows that companies using workforce management software save in every part of their business, and we have the facts and testimonies to back that up!

  • Companies can “Save” time and money through accurate biometric clocking, reduced absence, and payroll processing time
  • Companies can “Streamline” processes with centralised HR, Absence and improved Health and Safety compliance with Roll Call & Fire Roll Call
  • Companies can “Simplify” everyday tasks like payroll and induction, with automation improving productivity levels across a business

Whether you are an SME that have a handful of staff to manage, or a multi-sited organisation that has thousands of workers on your books, Addtime Live Enterprise staff scheduling software helps you spend less time on admin, and more time on other aspects of the job. It will also help speed up decision making, with both real time information and detailed reports at your fingertips

Opening your business up to Addtime Live Enterprise’s workforce scheduling software’s capabilities is a decision that you won’t regret; performance levels will be improved from the very moment this easily accessible and convenient tool of attendance management is implemented.


One of the most unique features of Addtime Live Enterprise software is its ability to be customised and tailored to your business requirements. It immediately turns what is already a very powerful workforce management suite of applications into something that is tailored exactly to your organisation’s specific needs. Whatever type of business you have, we have you covered here at Addtime!

Bespoke scripting, reports and exports are available upon request via consultation, allowing our software to integrate with other systems you run, to automate processes, and generally provide reports tailored exactly to your company’s needs.

Common examples of this include:

  • Integration scripts for new starters in HR & Accounts Systems
  • Block out weeks to decline holiday requests
  • Return to Work with emailed Back to Work Forms
  • Alert warnings for entitlements not being used
  • Export/Imports for old training records.
  • Complex payments and deductions for sick & maternity pay

Liking the sound of our Addtime Live Enterprise workforce management software system so far, but want to find out more? Why not contact one of our technical experts today on 01942 272061, and we will gladly provide you with a FREE consultation on how your specific business can benefit. Better still, you can book a demo with us and learn how you too can Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes.

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    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and use Addtime Live Enterprise Customisation to realise the additional benefits and capabilities of your whole workforce management software solution.

    Will workforce management software save me money?

    Our workforce management software helps you not only save money and reduce your costs but also saves companies and managers valuable time by providing information quickly and accurately allowing you to make more informed decisions.

    How does it do this? By accurately tracking and monitoring attendance and only paying employees for the hours they work. By tracking absenteeism, a key cause of lost productivity more effectively using Bradford Factor scoring and by dramatically reducing the time taken to process your payroll.

    What are the benefits of workforce management software?

    By using business management software you will be able to streamline your business processes. This means you will be able to dramatically reduce paperwork and time spent on admin by using our centralised system. This allows you to be safe in the knowledge that everything you need to manage your staff is in one designated place, accessible by anyone, anywhere. You no longer need to worry about where you left that vital document or having to back up your paper documents in a secure place.

    Does workforce management software make my building safe?

    Workforce scheduling software has features that allow companies to evacuate offices and buildings safely and effectively in an emergency with paper and emailed roll call reports of all employees and visitors still onsite or inside your business premises.

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