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Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

There are two main ways of scanning fingers. An optical fingerprint scanner works by shining a bright light over your fingerprint and taking what is effectively a digital photograph. If you’ve ever photocopied your hand, you’ll know exactly how this works. Instead of producing a dirty black photocopy, the image feeds into a computer scanner. The scanner uses a light-sensitive microchip to produce a digital image. The computer analyses the image automatically, selecting just the fingerprint, and then uses sophisticated pattern-matching time and attendance software to turn it into code.

Fingerprint Access Control

The most common type of scanner, used for attendance and fingerprint access control devices is known as a capacitive fingerprint reader, which measures you electrically. When your finger rests on a surface, the ridges in your fingerprints touch the surface while the hollows between the ridges stand slightly clear of it. In other words, there are varying distances between each part of your finger and the surface below. A capacitive scanner builds up a picture of your fingerprint by measuring these distances. Biometric fingerprint scanners like this are most commonly seen on attendance and access control devices as well as smartphones and tablets used in conjunction with workforce management software or systems.

How Fingerprint Recognition Used?

As part of enrolment, the person will register with both the thumb and forefinger to create a template or profile. This template is then matched to the person’s contact details on the Platinum time and attendance software database. Upon clocking for the first time the system then instantly compares the features presented at any given fingerprint scanner access point with the make-up of the fingerprint templates in the database. By comparing the similarity between two feature sets, it can quickly decide whether the two fingerprints match or not. As the template is held on the central server with the database it completely eliminates the risk of biometric identity theft.

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