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Benefits of a Time & Attendance System

Many business owners believe their staff are their most precious asset. But how can they be sure that that their work informs them how their business is operating?

One of the most valuable tools for improving productivity & efficiency is Time & Attendance!

Rather than using manual timesheets, which are prone to human error, modern businesses are using advanced time keeping technology to keep track of hours worked and absenteeism.

Here is what you can expect in return for implementing a Time & Attendance Solution.


Human error is one of the biggest factors that contribute to financial loss. Advanced Time & Attendance systems, often Cloud based, can manage shifts and complex working rules, job tracking, and accommodate a skills matrix for training and qualifications.

Eliminate Time Fraud

Taking longer than allocated for lunch or breaks, or asking someone to `clock you in` is what is more commonly known in the industry as `Buddy Punching`. Whatever you call it, it is time theft. Time theft is costly, but an advanced time & attendance system will prevent this altogether.


Work schedules are created easily based on job requirements, employee eligibility and availability. Freeing up valuable time leaving managers to focus on other business strategies.

Happy staff

One question an employee will always want to know is, how many holidays do I have left?  Advanced Time & Attendance Systems often have an Employee Self Service (ESS). Allowing staff to request holidays and view authorisations in real time, view schedules and receive reminders through mobile apps.

Centralised Databases

If your business has multiple sites or offices, then it is far easier to calculate payroll via a standardised system. Your payroll staff will never have to manually input information again, all your business`s data is collected centrally.

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