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Biometric Hand Scanners

Biometric Hand Scanners

Biometric hand scanners use a field-proven technology called hand geometry, which verifies an individual’s identity by measuring the unique size and shape of the fingers and hand. Over 90 different measurements are made such as the length, width, thickness, and surface area. No finger prints or palm prints are taken using these biometric hand readers.

To enroll an employee for the first time, the employee would put their hand into the HandPunch three times so that a CCD camera records three images of the hand. An algorithm converts these images into one mathematical value (your template). This template is then stored in the HandPunch biometric hand scanner. Each time an employee puts their hand in the reader to punch in or out of work, the HandPunch takes another image of the hand, the algorithm converts this image to a mathematical value and then compares this new template with the template the HandPunch has stored previously. If the two templates match, identity is confirmed and the punch is recorded. It can be used for hand access control and also to help with monitoring attendance.

Each time an employee punches in or out, their template is updated with each successful verification. Essentially, the machine “learns your hand”. This allows for changes due to weight gain or loss, aging, etc. and also eliminates the need to re-enroll users to ensure compatibility with your time and attendance software.

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