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Fire Alarm Roll Call

Simplify fire evacuations with real time reports to printers and emails to smart devices

When the alarms sound, having an accurate, up to date roll call of everyone in the building and then delivering it to any phone or printer can save lives and form a key part of your Health & Safety policies.

The Fire Monitor Panel sits immediately next to a company’s fire alarm on the network and upon sounding the panel records a real time snapshot of onsite/ offsite attendance within the building.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Platinum Enterprise Fire Roll Call module, keeping your people safe is now even easier knowing at a glance who is on or offsite. Just one reason why you should choose our market leading workforce management software for your organisation.

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Benefits Summary

  • Real-time roll call

    Platinum Enterprise ADP (Attendance Display Panel) provides a real-time picture of onsite/offsite attendance within a building in an emergency situation.

  • Printed or electronic report

    Roll call reports are available as paper print outs or can be safely accessed via emails on smart devices.

  • Assembly point terminals

    For improved Health & safety networked assembly points have been designed as additional hardware to provide accurate roll call data for up to 15,000 employees at a very large or multi-site organisation.

Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Fire Roll Call part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.