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The Web Client (Remote Workforce Management)

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Save and Simplify how managers work and access information anywhere on any device.

Mobile Manager, is the Platinum Enterprise remote workforce management solution enabling your managers to access key features of the software anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Working with your IT Department we can set up a dedicated web browser interface that lets your managers manage, even when they’re miles from the office with secure access.

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Benefits Summary

  • Live Roll-Call

    Thanks to the Attendance Display Panel, managers don’t have to wait until the next day to find if anyone is missing from a shift. It provides a real-time or live roll call of who’s in, who’s not, and flags anomalies, so strategic decisions can be made quickly.

  • Complete Workforce Vision

    View rotas, timesheets, holiday/absence requests and personnel records (including training and qualifications) remotely.

  • Planning & Control

    Using ‘who’s having time off’ enables a manager to make better staffing decisions about sufficient cover for holiday or absence requests.

  • Decisions on the go

    From timesheets to leave requests, managers can review, approve, reject and fix anomalies wherever they are.

  • Boost Productivity

    Managers can do more work away from the office. Staff don’t have to wait for decisions to be made until they get back to the office as information is always available to them.

  • Secure and simple

    Permission-based access keeps information secure, while the ability to use Remote Workforce Management on their existing device makes using the system easy and intuitive for managers

Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Mobile Manager part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.

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