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Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Portal

Save time and money by empowering staff to manage their own holidays, attendance and training.

Allow your business to save vital time and money by empowering your staff to manage their own holidays, view their timesheets and rotas as well as their training plans.

Platinum Enterprise employee self-service software allows staff to take greater control than ever over their admin. Empowering your staff in such a way allows them to work even harder as they have more responsibility on their shoulders. This also provides less admin work for you, the management team, so you can spend more time on other important aspects of your day to day work.

Platinum Enterprise employee self service allows staff to view a plethora of information, so they can take more accountability and control over their job role. This revolutionary app allows staff to:

  • View various job entitlements
  • Request holidays/absence
  • View rotas and timesheets
  • Check their training plans
  • Check hours worked and flexitime balances
  • Send and receive documents

So, how does this help your business? The results of this will give you a much more streamlined business model, keeping management and ground staff working productively whilst maintaining high morale. The result in this change is fewer requests made to already busy HR Departments, reducing their workload by a considerable margin. It promotes a productive way of working company-wide.

Platinum Enterprise offers a secure, web-based employee self-service portal that is available on any PCs, tablets, or smartphones, meaning employees can always access this data to hand, as well as take control of their workday on the go. This improves communication throughout your business and leaves employees relaxed about their job roles.

Our employee self-service system only requires an email and your IT department to set up a secure web based portal, which requires a username and password, it really is that simple! Employees can use the secure portal in their own time at work or at home.

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    Benefits Summary

    • About Me

      Personal information – You are able to log employees contact details, training matrix, appraisal and achievements plus managers can send any company documents electronically (such as Company Handbook, Health and Safety documents etc.). Platinum also allows the employee to send documents back to their line manager (expenses, medical notes etc). This allows a great improvement in communication throughout your whole company.

    • Absence Management

      User Friendly Interface - View entitlements and request/cancel holidays easier than ever before. We provide a user-friendly dashboard and interface so you can quickly locate the information you require.
      Increased Productivity - Staff are also able to check who else in their department has booked time off before they request leave themselves. This avoids you wasting time by putting in fruitless requests.

    • Attendance

      Real time information – You can add attendance bookings in real time or retrospectively, achieving maximum responsiveness.
      Reporting – There will be a plethora of reports and graphs available to you that show total basic and overtime hours worked each day, plus flexitime balances.
      Visibility – Ability to view work rotas, timesheets, and any other relevant information on the move, whenever you want it.

    • Job Costing & Cost Centre Analysis

      Simple Labour Management – Calculate projected time and cost of jobs or use different terminals at each location where cost centres are utilised to control costs.

    • Save Time and Money

      Free up valuable HR resources and save on wasted time, empowering your staff to manage and view the information that matters to them. Platinum Enterprise’s ESS module saves valuable admin time in busy HR departments, whilst reducing costs and improving productivity across your business using a secure, web-based portal for easy access.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Employee Self Service part of your whole workforce management software solution with Platinum Enterprise.

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