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Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Save time and money by integrating attendance data with your payroll system

Did you know that the daily cost to some companies of not running their payroll effectively can run into the £000’s. Simply by integrating attendance data with your payroll will prevent lost time in terms of duplication and cost savings in terms of accuracy?
Platinum Enterprise Savings Calculator can show you how much money you could be losing weekly and yearly by not implementing payroll integration into your business (Book a Free Consultation to learn how much)

Platinum Enterprise can integrate with your payroll processing software in 2 ways:

  1. Using an authorised, integrated payroll link option with partners Sage and Pegasus meaning transfer of data from Platinum into payroll can be done in seconds.
  2. Using the export link Platinum can integrate electronic timesheet data into most major payroll systems including Sage, ADP, Earnie, Pegasus and Iris via a CSV or Excel file.

Many businesses use payroll software, but it’s all the manual work required to collate attendance hours, absence and sickness plus overtime from separate systems onto a spreadsheet, where time is lost. Platinum Enterprise exports can collate all of this data in one place ready for you to check and verify meaning quicker more accurate data with no duplications and payroll time can be reduced by up to 50% in many cases.

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    Payroll Integration Case Studies

    Clearway Drainage Ltd

    The whole process of manually entering all of the attendance data onto a separate spreadsheet, together with any overtime or bonuses and include any absence and sickness was taking up to 1.5 weeks per month for the admin staff at Clearway Drainage Ltd, with increasing pressure every month for a quicker payroll at the expense of other equally important tasks. Introducing Platinum Enterprise made substantial cost savings across the whole of the business in terms of attendance and payroll, whilst reducing the time to process payroll by up to 50% meaning valuable resources were freed up in the business and a happier workforce. (Read More Here…)


    Steph Baines (Management Accountant) confirmed that monthly payroll including a bonus based on an extra pay rate for production targets used to take 3-4 days to complete. Now with a bonus script plus a payroll export created within Platinum Enterprise monthly payroll only takes ½ day to complete.

    David Wood Foods (Dudley)

    Tammy Smith (General Manager) used to spend almost every Monday collating her weekly payroll for over 250 employees but the implementation of Platinum Enterprise has reduced this down to just a few hours in the morning.

    Benefits Summary

    • Increased Accuracy & Reduced Errors

      Time and Attendance data collated automatically via the software, directly into your payroll system means increased accuracy and reduced errors.

    • Export link

      Uses CSV or excel export files Platinum can interface with most payroll systems.

    • Authorised Payroll link

      Sage & Pegasus authorised link transfers data automatically from Platinum Enterprise into payroll simply with the click of a button.

    • Payroll Reminders

      Real time daily countdown of payroll date for managers at multiple locations to ensure deadlines are always met (eg. Overtime approvals)

    • Customisation

      We can usually tailor a solution to your specific system and requirements including: exports with additional fields for payroll, bonus scripts and calculations, complex payments and deductions and integration with your HR software for new starters meaning data is input only once.

    Save, Streamline and Simplify your business processes and make Payroll Integration part of your whole workforce management solution with Platinum Enterprise.

    How do I reduce my payroll time by 50%?

    Simple by collating your attendance data with your payroll everything is done automatically. An export in CSV or Excel format collates all of your hours, overtime and absence for you to check ready to import into your payroll system.

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