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Payroll integration

If your payroll takes you hour, days or even weeks in some cases to process, payroll integration  could save you time, resources and money.


Platinum+ can integrate with your payroll processing software in 2 ways:

1. Using an authorised, integrated multi-company payroll link option, there’s no need for third party ’payroll linking software’ and Platinum+, is compatible with most payroll software systems, including Sage, ADP, Earnie, Pegasus and Iris.

2. Using the export link Platinum+ can integrate electronic timesheet data into most major payroll systems via a CSV or Excel file.

payroll integration

Benefits Summary

  • Eliminates or reduces human data errors – No double keying, no missed entries and faster approvals.
  • Eliminates need for third party ’payroll linking’ software
  • Payroll Reminder – Countdown of payroll date for managers ensures deadlines are met eg. managers approving overtime.
  • Authorised Payroll link – Feeds electronic timesheet directly into Sage & Pegasus payroll systems to reduce processing time.
  • Export link – Uses CSV or excel export files to interface with payroll systems.
  • Bespoke solutions – Using different payroll software, we can usually tailor a solution to your specific system and requirements.

payroll software integration

payroll integration sagepayroll integration pegasuspayroll integration adp

Many businesses use payroll software, but it’s all the work before the software takes over where time is lost. If your accounts team is still spending hours every week or month inputting timesheets into the payroll, Addtime can transform the way you work.

Save, streamline and simplify: make Payroll Integration part of your whole workforce management system.

My payroll process is taking long than I would like, what can I do to speed this up?

Payrolls are updated automatically on our software, meaning that the risk of human error is greatly reduced, and reduces the time process up to 50%.


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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