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Integrated Access Control

Whole workforce management starts at the door, with integrated access control linked to your time and attendance.

Discover Access Control that works with the rest of your time and attendance system to make your people and business more secure – and more efficient.

A standalone access control system can control who gains access to your business. But when you integrate your access control system with the rest of your time and attendance it can do so much more.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Platinum+ whole workforce management solution, Access Control guards your access points and provides essential management information.

It can control doors, barriers and gates. It can monitor when staff and contractors arrive and leave. It can monitor door activity, so you not only know who entered the building, but also who tried and failed. And it ensures that when a member of staff or a contractor leaves work or completes their project, they won’t be able to re-enter the building.

Integrated Access Control with Platinum+ lets you decide who goes where, when.

Management information:

  • Gain insight into what time your people leave work (as opposed to clocking off) so you can address any disparities
  • Know who has attempted to access the site outside permitted hours
  • Install in/out readers full fire roll call and know who is on or off site at all times

Security guard features:

  • Keep track of your employees with real time monitoring
  • Receive alerts notifying you immediately of failed entry attempts, doors left ajar or doors that have been forced
  • Archive all door activity for future reference
  • Quickly disable lost and stolen badges
  • Manage access control and time and attendance from a single system, making your processes simpler, quicker and easier to operate and manage
  • Need a higher level of security and compliance? Add biometric fingerprint reader technology to your access control

Save, streamline, simplify and protect: discover whole workforce management from Addtime.

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