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A Guide To Time and Attendance Software

Many businesses already benefit from time and attendance software and would arguably not know where they would be without it! It makes the job of management, admin and general employees far easier, without even realising it. The truth is, all businesses should have a method of tracking time and attendance, but do you have the right one for your way of working?

Time and attendance software is seen as the most ideal method of tracking this data, but why? This extensive guide on the many time and attendance solutions gives you all of the information you need.

 What is time and attendance software?

This method of documenting and reporting the time and attendance of workers is a great way of giving management and employees alike greater control over their working hours than ever before. This easily accessible way of working allows you to quickly see shift patterns, as well as letting you plan well ahead for any period of leave.

Software is an accurate way of reporting too, often eliminating the human error that was associated with paper based documenting. It ensures that employees are given the correct amount of pay based off their hours of work. Whether this is through contracted hours or overtime hours, smart, technology driven software can easily distinguish this, so you don’t have to!

It allows for a much more organised, accessible and secure platform of storing all of the data that is needed. This might not be much if you are a small business, but if you are a large cooperation this could be thousands of documents! You can quickly sift through this plethora of information and obtain what you desire from an office or mobile location using cloud storage.

This is proven to be an effective way of saving time while working, due to how quickly you can input and find the data that you are looking for. Software saves on cost of absence, which makes it very popular with any business that is looking to make a smart, long term investment. It can even identify which aspects are potentially costing your business a larger percentage of your annual turnover – more than you perhaps thought!

Best ways to track your employees time

Whether you are in a management position or an employee that is responsible for their own shifts, time is one of the most important aspects of managing business and workload.

Business time tracking makes sure that employees are performing their role to the best of their ability at all times and are conforming with company values.

There is a number of ways it can be done to suit your busines needs. For example, you could physically track employees time whilst working. Clocking in/out cards are a brilliant way to confirm when they arrived at work and at what time they left.

The most popular way of tracking time and attendance in the modern day is through the use of online software. This is highly beneficial if your employees are working remotely and are not needed at the main offices during their shift, for example community outreach.

The future of time and attendance tracking

As technology has advanced and become more efficient, so too has time and attendance software. What once was a minefield of paper documents is now a lot more streamlined, and this aspect of business is much easier and convenient to manage.

There are many new ways of tracking time and attendance that will follow us into the future, so why not get familiar with them now? And even think about incorporating them into your own businesses’ time and attendance solutions?

Best ways to Track Time for Remote Working

One of the biggest advantages of the advancement of technology, is that we can now stay more connected than ever. No longer do you have to purely trust your workforce if they are working remotely, as you can now keep in the loop with their productivity with the time and attendance software from Addtime. We understand that as much as you would like to trust your employees at all time, there have been too many instances in the past that workers have abused this trust, meaning that stricter measures is a necessity.

Time and attendance systems make it easier than ever before to stay connected with your employees, even if they are not working from the headquarters, and we feel like this is one of the most effective ways of doing so. The kind of time and attendance solutions such as Platinum from Addtime will be a huge part of the running of your business for many years to come, as this in fact encourages remote working. You are able to regularly stay in touch with your employees through this software, giving you greater peace of mind that all work is being completed as normal.

Come and find out the best ways to track time for remote working now!

Use Attendance Software to Manage Teams Remotely

One of the biggest advantages of time and attendance software is the ability to know the punctuality of your employees, even if a clocking in machine is not feasible or you are not there to see it for yourself. After all, you can’t be everywhere at all times, so if a time and attendance solution can do this management for you, then you are going to jump at the chance to implement it, right? Contrary to popular belief, your team of employees can be easily managed remotely, so your services can expand far beyond the office, which in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a necessity in most cases.

We find that this way of working especially benefits those in a community outreach setting, that are regularly working remotely to help those in the community who need it most. It would not be feasible to report to the office for every shift in this case, as it would waste valuable time and petrol expenses for many. As a result, time and attendance software can be a huge aid, as you can clock in when you have reached a set location, due to the GPS tracking functionality that is an integral part of our revolutionary software. If you would like to optimise your management of your remote workforce with the assistance of Platinum, then be sure to check out how to use time and attendance software to manage teams remotely.

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