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Best ways to track your employees’ time

Time is of the essence in all walks of life, and this saying especially rings true in business management. After all, keeping on top of the time worked in a business makes sure that all records are correct, with this level of accuracy ensuring that your business can remain organised and reliable for the foreseeable future.

Correct salaries will be handed out based on the amount of hours worked, as this is clearly recorded by the time and attendance solution you opt for. It also allows for employees to take more control over their working hours, in a way that  helps them to still perform their role to the best of their ability.

There are a variety of ways to track employee time, each having their own pros and cons that should be taken into consideration. Here at Addtime, we are going to take you through some of the best ways to track your employees time, so you can make an informed decision…

Clock cards

Clock cards were one of the first ways that time and attendance on the job was measured. With clock cards, you can manually fill out what time you clocked in and out of your shift, so your working hours can be measured accordingly.

They are the cheapest option of tracking employees time, which still makes them popular with many businesses today, and can also provide a simple upgrade to a clocking in machine. Even though it may be waning, clock cards still have a place in the time and attendance management of today.

Biometric clock in and fingerprint scanning

The natural successor to the clock card has been the clocking in machine. With this, employees could scan their clock card and it would save their ID to a system, distinguishing exactly when this was used to both enter and exit the building.

This quickly evolved to a biometric time and attendance solution, eliminating “buddy punching” so you could not sign in on behalf of a colleague. Instead, technology had advanced to a degree where it could read your face and fingerprint and use it to clock in and out quickly and efficiently.

Time and attendance software

It was only a matter of time before software was going to become more and more prevalent in time and attendance. Working together with biometric clocking in terminals, time and attendance software has become bigger and better than ever. An example of this being Platinum Enterprise from Addtime, which now includes payroll integration so you can process payments to employees quicker than before.

This employee attendance software also allows employees to input the necessary information while working remotely through GPS tracking. This makes it far easier for companies to manage employees that are on the move during shifts. It has never been easier to quickly change shifts if a pressing matter appears, so you can remain in complete control of your company’s operations.

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