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Best ways to Track Time for Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how many businesses are functioning around the world on a day to day basis. What was once a harmonious working day all under one roof has been dramatically altered, with a huge focus now placed on remote working. Of course, at the time back in March, many businesses were unprepared for the change, but as time as passed and we have been forced to adapt, better ways of tracking working remotely have come to light.

Of course, we would all like to take the word of our employees about their productivity levels, and when they are starting and finishing their shift each day, but this can lead to inaccuracies that can severely cost a business over time.

As a result, it may be useful to invest in time and attendance software that gives you a much better picture of if employees are actually working to company standards whilst they are not being supervised in the workplace.

Could any of these ways of tracking remote working apply to your business?

Computer tracking software

You have probably thought of this idea before, but is now the time to put it into action? If you feel like your employees are not working to the best of their abilities whilst working remotely, or if you feel like they are not performing the expected hours of work at home, then you may want to look at computer tracking software that is able to give you a clear picture of the computer activity of all your employees. There are many software options out there that can accurately show a variety of details about your employees time on a work based system.

They can track the websites that employees visit, so you know whether they are spending their work time on relevant websites or browsing through their social media! It can also show productivity time and idle time, so you know exactly how much work is being done on a day to day basis, giving you evidence when talking to employees regarding their productivity.

As has been well documented over the pandemic, this kind of tracking can be easily manipulated, with employees even going as far as creating a device that constantly keeps their mouse on the move! Is this a risk you want to take? Or are there better alternatives out there?

Time and attendance software

If you would prefer a more comprehensive way of tracking time and attendance while remote working, then Platinum from Addtime could be the solution for you, that will last a lifetime! The sheer plethora of information available at your fingertips give you an extensive overview of how your team are working remotely. We understand that it may be difficult adjusting to managing a remote team, especially if you had no experience of this prior to the pandemic, so let Platinum give you a more streamlined way of running your business during this difficult time.

Here at Addtime, our remote workforce management solution is able to work with you and provide a management software that is tailored to the demands of your business. Our Mobile Manager feature is perfectly suited to the notion of remote working, giving you the ability to access the key, fundamental features of our software anywhere, at any time.

Whether you are socially distancing in the office, or if it is more feasible that you work from home, you needn’t worry about keeping on top of the productivity of your employees, as this is easily done through Platinum.

We can work closely with the whole team, including your IT department, so a dedicated web browser can be set up that lets you manage effectively, even if you are remote working yourself or if your team are based in many different locations.

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If you are interested in the time and attendance systems that Addtime have to offer, then we would love to talk to you about your requirements, and how we can help you achieve a better way of time and attendance management from close quarters or afar.

Be sure to arrange a FREE consultation with one of our friendly team of experts or ask us questions you may have by using our online enquiry form. You can also get in touch by giving us a call on 01942 272061 and we will gladly be on hand to help.

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