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Use Attendance Software to Manage Teams Remotely

If you have decided that it is finally time to make the switch to time and attendance software, then we are glad that you have finally decided to make the switch! Get set for a much easier way of working and managing your employees from wherever you are based. With a plethora of information at your disposal and some first class technology advancements at the forefront of our system, we are sure that you have found a partner for life.

But what about if you work remotely? Well Platinum from Addtime can assist you there too! Let’s find out how…

Tracking attendance

When working remotely, it is presumed that it is more difficult to track the attendance of your employees as they are not under your supervision, and there is no physical clocking in station that confirms their attendance. However, using time and attendance software to manage your remote team of workers can be much easier than expected.

It is inevitable that workers will fall foul of sickness, even when working remotely. This is something that you have no control of, but by tracking the attendance records of your employees you are able to notice any trends if you notice that this occurrence is becoming all too regular.

Perhaps this may happen at the same period for a number of months, or even years! If so, it is easy to nip this kind of “tactical absenteeism” in the bud with a detailed overview of the employee’s attendance patterns over a prolonged period.

Scheduling shift patterns easily

When working remotely, it may feel like you are alienated from your employees and keeping on top of shift patterns can prove overwhelming. This issue is eradicated when using time and attendance software that has a simple to use user interface and is easy to navigate.

You can take control of your employees shift patterns from the comfort of your own working environment, without the need of thinking long and hard about how shift patterns will complement eachother. Time and attendance systems such as Platinum from Addtime are able to give you complete control that you feel like may be missing out on when working remotely.

Giving your employees responsibility

As well as finding that control, it is also crucial that you have that trust and transparency with your employees when working remotely. After all, it is impossible to keep a close eye on them all, as you can’t be in multiple places at once! As a result, time and attendance solutions are a great way of giving your employees the responsibility that makes them feel valued when working for your company. This can be done by giving them a web based portal to allow them to access their holidays, see their attendance and to look at training plans from wherever they are. Giving your employees this level of freedom can have a positive effect in their productivity.

Make use of mobile GPS tracking

GPS tracking is one of the most popular features of our time and attendance software and is perfect for assisting with remote working. Here you can allow your employees to clock in remotely, so they can keep to your set working hours without any shortcuts. This is done through mobile GPS tracking, as by tracking through their mobile phone, you can see their location ensuring that they are working as normal, even if this is not in a centralised workplace.

Get in touch

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To get in touch with us, simply give us a call on 01942 272071 or fill out our online form and we will reply as soon as we can.

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