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How to Manage Workforce Time and Attendance?

Managing workforce time and attendance is something that employers are obliged to do by law. It’s also an essential part of ensuring that employees get the most from their day and are engaged and productive. There are many different types of clocking in systems that are available to support employers in this, from apps to …

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5 ways Workforce Management (WFM) Software can transform your business

The premise behind workforce management is ensuring that staff are well placed to meet workplace demand by assigning the right person with the right skill at the right time. This is a critical part of running a successful enterprise because it not only ensures that there are sufficient staff available to cater to demand but …

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ProFace X

Face Recognition: The future of Time and Attendance Systems is here

The past year has triggered a big shift in working patterns and every organisation now needs to integrate greater flexibility where the workforce is concerned. This could be to allow for different ways of working in response to COVID-19 regulations or accommodate changes to absences and overtime and, of course, to keep people safe. Time …

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How Clocking in Systems can help you manage Time and Attendance

Accountability is important for employees in any industry and time attendance is a big part of this. The right clocking-in system can help your business ensure that your workforce knows you value accountability and also make it much easier to manage time and attendance. With a clocking-in system that suits your business, you can simplify …

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Man having face scanned using biometric recognition system

How to find the best biometric enrolment system for my business?

Biometric enrolment is an essential first step towards comprehensive biometric workforce management, including time and attendance systems that use facial, fingerprint or hand recognition. For large and complex organisations, it’s crucial to get biometric data compiled 100% correctly, first time, in order to sustain employee confidence in the new system and in the security of …

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Socially distanced workers in office

How thermal and facial recognition systems can help prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on return to the workplace

Thermal and facial recognition systems have become an increasingly common method of time and attendance tracking in recent years, as a convenient alternative to traditional clocking-in machines. When integrated with Platinum Enterprise Time and Attendance Software, thermal and facial recognition systems can support an unlimited number of users and employees, complex shift patterns, enable door …

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Workforce Management Solutions in Care Homes

Workforce management software provides the means to manage your workforce where owning or managing an organisation like an elderly care home can be challenging. At Addtime, we understand the need to work more efficiently and effectively in this sector is constant and because managers tend to act differently in comparison to similar organisations, having to …

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Biometric time and attendance system

Considering a new biometric time and attendance system?

Introducing a new biometric time and attendance system is all about cultural change, the challenge is encouraging employees and managers to embrace it. Changes are an inherent part of any thriving business and are necessary for a company to progress and flourish. External and internal factors aren’t limited to but include, growth, the introduction of …

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