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Addtime are Proud to be Cyber Security Accredited!

Addtime are proud to be cyber security accredited, but What does National Cyber Security Centre cyber security accredited mean to a business? The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in various countries, such as the UK, plays a crucial role in providing guidance and support to organisations and individuals to enhance their cybersecurity posture. When a …

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Benefits of a Time & Attendance System

Many business owners believe their staff are their most precious asset. But how can they be sure that that their work informs them how their business is operating? One of the most valuable tools for improving productivity & efficiency is Time & Attendance! Rather than using manual timesheets, which are prone to human error, modern …

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Do More With Less Update Your Clock Card System

From Clock Cards to Contactless Time & Attendance Celebrating 40 years in business this year, Addtime once specialised solely in clock card systems but it’s no longer the same company it’s always been, we’ve evolved with our customers, with technology and with the times. Today we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of time and attendance systems …

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Reduce your Payroll Time

Reduce your Payroll Time by 50% One of the single biggest reasons for companies moving to a software based time and attendance solution is the time it takes to process their payroll and the bigger the workforce the more time it takes. Payroll integration using Platinum Enterprise workforce management software can payroll reduce process time by up …

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HR & Time and Attendance – 10 ways your HR team can benefit

When maximising productivity in the workplace, time and attendance software provides an effective way of ensuring you get the most from your HR team. Human resources departments can vary from business to business. Some may focus more on payroll and recruitment, while others may concentrate on legal and compliance issues. One unifying factor for HR …

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How to Manage Workforce Time and Attendance?

Managing workforce time and attendance is something that employers are obliged to do by law. It’s also an essential part of ensuring that employees get the most from their day and are engaged and productive. There are many different types of clocking in systems that are available to support employers in this, from apps to …

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5 ways Workforce Management (WFM) Software can transform your business

The premise behind workforce management is ensuring that staff are well placed to meet workplace demand by assigning the right person with the right skill at the right time. This is a critical part of running a successful enterprise because it not only ensures that there are sufficient staff available to cater to demand but …

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ProFace X

Face Recognition: The future of Time and Attendance Systems is here

The past year has triggered a big shift in working patterns and every organisation now needs to integrate greater flexibility where the workforce is concerned. This could be to allow for different ways of working in response to COVID-19 regulations or accommodate changes to absences and overtime and, of course, to keep people safe. Time …

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