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5 ways Workforce Management (WFM) Software can transform your business

The premise behind workforce management is ensuring that staff are well placed to meet workplace demand by assigning the right person with the right skill at the right time. This is a critical part of running a successful enterprise because it not only ensures that there are sufficient staff available to cater to demand but also that those staff have the skills they need to do the best possible job. It can also be used in a range of internal processes, from tracking daily performance to identifying any areas where improvement could be achieved. Workforce Management (WFM) Software makes all of this much easier for any business to achieve – there are a number of key ways in which this can transform your business.

  1. Improving scheduling. WFM makes it very simple to design schedules that meet contractual and legal requirements and also integrate a range of other elements, including staff qualifications and availability, as well as working time preferences. Resource optimisation options within WFM systems can take the way that scheduling works within the business to another, more effective, level.
  2. Forecasting and budgeting. WFM software provides useful tools that make it easier to forecast, integrating future events as well as historical data. The element of WFM that allows for optimisation of staff recruitment and balancing workload provides more opportunity to budget in a way that is more streamlined and reduces wastage.
  3. Supporting a performance management programme. Using performance management gives organsiations the opportunity to help staff fulfill their full potential and more effectively meet objectives that have been set for them. It also provides the tools for employees to track their own progress. The key to this is identifying performance metrics in advance that will be useful for the business, for example customer survey scores or quality scores.
  4. Boosting employee engagement. WFM Software can put a whole range of tools at the disposal of employees and help boost engagement through tech such as gamification and mobile apps. Gamilifaction, for example, introduces game-like processes that are designed to reward specific behaviours in employees and to dole out rewards based on performance. Mobile apps can also improve engagement by giving staff the feeling of having more control over their working life, whether that’s being able to use the app for submitting overtime or swapping shifts.
  5. Improving the way that admin is handled. In particular WFM Software can have a positive impact on areas such as payroll, time and attendance records. Options to automate and standardise routine tasks improve accuracy and efficiency. This type of system can reduce the need for manual input, sync up systems (e.g. timesheets to payroll) and allow for instant payment options.

Workforce Management (WFM) Software is innovative and effective and designed to help you reduce many of the pain points associated with handling employees. It can not only improve the experience of management, and those in departments such as accounts and payroll, but also the level of engagement that employees feel towards the business too.

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