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Moving from clocking-in systems to biometric time and attendance software

Celebrating over 37 years in business, Addtime once specialised solely in clocking-in systems but it’s no longer the same company it’s always been, we’ve evolved with our customers, with technology and with the times. Today we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of time and attendance systems and software. Like many other organisations …

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Why should HR use time and attendance software?

When maximising productivity in the workplace, time and attendance software provides an effective way of ensuring you get the most from your HR team. Human resources departments can vary from business to business. Some may focus more on payroll and recruitment, while others may concentrate on legal and compliance issues. One unifying factor for HR …

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Save money with payroll integration

Half your payroll time with Addtime’s time and attendance software

Payroll integration using Platinum Enterprise workforce management software can save up to 50% on payroll process time. This article explores ways in which upgrading your clocking systems can make life easier for your Payroll Manager. The role of a Payroll Manager is straightforward. They are responsible for ensuring that employee’s salaries are credited with the …

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Why choose an absence management system?

Why choose an Absence Management System?

£18 billion. That’s the cost of absence in the workplace each year according to ACAS. Could your absence management system be more efficient? If so it might be worth updating your internal processes. This article explores reasons why it might be time to invest in a new absence management solution. Mistakes are made – If …

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Bradford Factor

What is The Bradford Factor and how is it used by HR?

One of the most useful tools for monitoring absenteeism by HR Managers is the Bradford Factor scoring formula used to track unplanned spells of absence from the workplace. Frequent short-term sick absences can be a huge concern and cost, particularly in a small business, where their effect is often more pronounced because the workforce is …

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Manager monitoring employee lateness

Measure employees lateness and absences to benefit your business

When running your daily operations, it’s vital that your business has employees it can count on. However, it’s inevitable there will be times when lateness or absences are unavoidable. The potential impacts of late or absent staff on your business can be significant, affecting costs, productivity and even increased pressure on other employees. It’s estimated …

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GDPR Compliant Time and Attendance Software

With the need to be compliant with GDPR, HR departments are now being asked to scrutinise their current processes and systems to review how they obtain, store and maintain personal data with the ultimate goal being a single, unified system approach to HR. Most companies today have a complex mix of HR systems, processes and …

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4 Key Benefits of Time and Attendance software for Care Homes

Owning or managing elderly care home staff members can often be a struggle. Indeed, at Addtime, we understand that for care homes, the need to work more efficiently and effectively is constant. We are also aware that care homes act differently in comparison to similar organisations, with care home owners having to deal with staff …

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