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Moving from clocking-in systems to biometric time and attendance software

Celebrating over 37 years in business, Addtime once specialised solely in clocking-in systems but it’s no longer the same company it’s always been, we’ve evolved with our customers, with technology and with the times. Today we have become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of time and attendance systems and software.

Like many other organisations up and down the country, we realised that simple time and attendance software isn’t always enough for today’s businesses and the latest biometric software can do so much more to drive down costs and improve productivity in areas like: eliminating time clock fraud, monitoring lateness and absenteeism and integrating with your payroll system.

We’re all about solving business problems and saving you money. That’s why we adopted a more consultative approach with our customers. We realised that you can’t attempt to solve your customers’ problems unless you talk to them and find out what those problems are.

Clients need more than simple time and attendance. Surveys tell us approx. 60% of companies operating costs are workforce-related, so with the right business tools to analyse operating costs, managers can make quick, informed decisions.  Decisions around, absence, lateness, overtime as well as being able to integrate all of your working rules and into your payroll system can all help drive down costs and improve efficiency.

Companies are now become far more demanding requiring software solutions to not just provide analytics but also have centralised HR, payroll integration, alerts for training expiry dates, mobile working with GPS, self-service for holidays plus fire roll call for Health & Safety compliance.

Addtime’s solution was to introduce 3 versions of Platinum software, Junior & Premium for time and attendance and Enterprise for the complete workforce management solution. One software that could evolve with their changing business needs, integrate with other systems and network across multiple costs driving down costs and providing transparency across an organisation. So why choose Platinum?

Our customers tell us that Platinum Enterprise software benefits them by:

  1. Saving almost £5k per year monitoring lateness
  2. Saving 3 hours/week on processing time and attendance or 1.5 days per month
  3. Reducing time to process Payroll process from weeks to days and in some cases hours
  4. Reducing time clock fraud and clocking errors using biometrics
  5. Reducing Health  & Safety risks with roll call/fire roll call and visitor management systems.
  6. Reducing levels of absenteeism and poor performance with absence analytics like Bradford Factor scoring.

Let a whole workforce management system transform your business

As a business, we made the change to biometric time and attendance software because it expands the scope of what we do massively. A whole system can transform your business by centralising all of your data making it easier to access, store and maintain, the heart of what GDPR stands for and allowing it to integrate with existing processes. It can automate, monitor and report on things you weren’t even aware were acting as a drain on your time or finances helping you Save, Streamline and Simplify your processes.

Ready to make the change? Contact us here or call us for a FREE demo or consultation on 01942 272061.

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