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4 Key Benefits of Time and Attendance software for Care Homes

Owning or managing elderly care home staff members can often be a struggle. Indeed, at Addtime, we understand that for care homes, the need to work more efficiently and effectively is constant. We are also aware that care homes act differently in comparison to similar organisations, with care home owners having to deal with staff and residents. Therefore, managing staff becomes a lot more complex in contrast to other organisations. In this blog post, we are going to look at four fantastic benefits of Time and Attendance Systems for Care Homes. This article explores the key benefits of time and attendance in care homes

Benefit No.1: Access Anywhere from Any Web Browser.

This is vitally important for care home owners, many of whom own multiple sites in possibly numerous cities. Thus, they are always on the move, while still needing constant access to updated staff information. For these owners with multiple sites in different locations, streamlining and improving communication is even more critical to save time. According to a survey performed by Manager Complete, 70% of SME’s claim poor communication is their biggest problem due to its time-consuming nature. Having a tool that allows you to communicate to any location, from any location, could mean your biggest issue would be alleviated.

Benefit No.2: Biometric Scanning.

A Biometric Scanner is an electronic device used to determine a person’s identity by detecting and matching the person’s physical features, such as fingerprints or hands for example, to a database. What is the big deal with biometric scanning? Along with reduced buddy punching, you can have greater trust in the accuracy of which employee is on the clock. As is common knowledge, biometric scanning cannot be forged. As previously mentioned, many care home owners are in charge of multiple locations, and they struggle to keep control over their staff. Biometric scanning lets you stay on top of this, without even having to be there! Meaning you can focus on more critical issues at hand while running a care home.

Benefit No.3: Increased Time and Attendance Accuracy.

Increased accuracy with Time and Attendance can present your business with many benefits. One of those being reduced time spent on payroll. There will be less time spent tracking, recording and processing their time spent working each day, week or month. This way, owners can focus on managing each of their branches, rather than spending valuable time on basic and time-consuming tasks. More importantly, as you expand your care home offering, you want a system that allows your care home business to grow seamlessly.

Benefit No.4: Full Reporting and Analytical Functions.

A company can make use of valuable information such as when employee’s clock in and out, however, the data is a lot more useful when it is collated in the form of insightful trends. Addtime allows you to customise your data, so your attendance reporting is optimised to improve those trends.

View our case studies to see how we’ve helped many businesses save time and money with Addtime time and attendance systems.

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