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Why choose an Absence Management System?

£18 billion. That’s the cost of absence in the workplace each year according to ACAS. Could your absence management system be more efficient? If so it might be worth updating your internal processes. This article explores reasons why it might be time to invest in a new absence management solution.

  1. Mistakes are made – If the person responsible for HR is inundated with requests without the use of an efficient absence management system, it’s easy for holidays and sicknesses to go unrecorded. Whilst this is good for employees it results in a massive financial loss for a business.
  2. Short term absence costs – Using Bradford Factor scoring short term absenteeism, a huge cost to UK business can easily be monitored and is a widely recognised measure by HR professionals.
  3. Paper-based submissions – Some companies still rely on paper-based processes when granting permission for holidays. This requires lots of time-consuming manual work such as scanning in and signing off. If having a desk full of ‘paper-work’ to do is a recurring nightmare for your HR team – a technology-based absence management system will definitely solve this problem.
  4. Unreliability of paper – Traditional paper systems can be unreliable with requests often lost or mislaid and there is no record of when a person made a request. An automated electronic holiday request system resolves this as everything is completely transparent.
  5. Evidencing is difficult – It’s impossible to evidence employee attendance performance accordingly without any data and insights available. Tactical absences happen in many businesses over a time period, but without the clear evidence to show that the abuse occurred, it’s very difficult for HR teams to take appropriate action.

How a new absence management system can help:

The introduction of a new absence management system can easily solve all of these problems. Tracking holiday entitlements, Eliminating paper requests, Managing holidays effectively and monitoring absenteeism with Bradford Factor scoring all with one software can save up to 50% of your HR teams time. Automated holiday requests can be time stamped for secure auditing and managers can have full transparency of holiday plans and absence before authorisation ensuring correct staff planning and control at all times.

If the above challenges sound like a familiar headache it’s probably time to implement a new absence management strategy for your organisation, Addtime can help! Check out our Platinum Enterprise page to see how our software can help save your company time and money now.

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