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Visitor Management

Improve safety. Improve control. Improve efficiency and impress your visitors.  Addtime teaming up with Inventry market leaders in visitor access and staff monitoring solutions present a simple sign-on solution for the modern business with security & efficiency in mind that is fully GDPR compliant.

Automate the way you manage bringing visitors and contractors on site, saving you time, money and resource whilst improving overall productivity.

Addtime have teamed up with Inventry market leaders in visitor management solutions because like us they are trusted by organisations across the UK to deliver a best in class solution to meet all of your requirements creating the right first impression for visitors and contractors by providing a modern and professional greeting to your reception area.

  1. Visitors able to sign themselves in and create temporary ID badges in seconds
  2. Agreement screen ensures site terms and conditions read & agreed before entering.
  3. Fully customisable 20″ touchscreen with an integrated webcam for a professional look and feel.
  4. Pre-book visitors for events and customise email invitations using Outlook
  5. Instant email and SMS notifications as soon as visitors sign in.
  6. Mobile evacuation app marks off employees at assembly points
  7. Biometric technology gives a fast, secure and cost-effective way for staff to sign in and out
  8. Staff able to easily sign in and out using the touchscreen or quick scanners using ID cards
  9. Fully customisable ID badges able to work with barcode and most leading door access systems including Paxton
  10. Contractors able to have RAM’s and induction procedures before entering site
  11. Sign in screens available in multiple languages.

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