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Visitor / Guest Management

Improve safety. Improve control. Improve efficiency – and impress your visitors.  Our visitor and guest management systems offer safe, secure solutions to your business’ needs.

Automate the way you manage bringing visitors and contractors on site, and save time, money and resource.

You can lose a lot of resource to reception duties. Addtime can help you get that resource back, whilst improving the security, efficiency and consistency of your reception. Here’s how:

  • A better visitor experience: The Addtime Visitor Management System automatically sends out visitor invites, access codes, directions and site safety information, saving you and your visitors time in making and responding to queries
  • Always know who’s on-site: Increase security by ensuring that unless your visitors have logged in on your system, they can’t be in your building
  • Increase the efficiency and cut the costs of reception duties: check ins, check outs, site passes, photo IDs and issuing the equipment (fobs, keys, radios etc) needed on site: Addtime Visitor Management makes it all easier. And with the unmanned option, you could free up resource and eradicate the cost of a permanently manned reception
  • Touch screen sign-in: Addtime’s virtual receptionist can do more than check visitors in and out. It can provide induction and safety information, give guests directions to their meetings and, in conjunction with Addtime Access Control, give them access to the parts of the building they need
  • Manage your contractors simply and efficiently: Add Advance Contractor Management to your Visitor Management system and automate the process of bringing contractors to your site, and managing them while they’re with you:
    • Book jobs and plan works online in advance
    • Request and store insurance documents
    • Raise alerts when insurances are about to expire
    • Request and store RAMS, insurance certificates and other documents
    • Issue work permits
    • Deliver site inductions and safety briefs
  • Fits your business: Operate the system via PC, tablet, kiosk or smartphone – whichever fits the way you work
  • Offline? No problem: The system works in temporary offline mode if there’s a loss in connectivity – so there’s no downtime


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