time and attendance

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Whether your priority is low-cost simplicity, security, or the ability to scan 1,000s of workers in fast, we’ve all you need.

    SilkFP 101TA

    Fingerprint time and attendance clocking terminal...
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    large iClock

    iClock 560 Proximity Terminal

    Proximity T&A Terminal with Built-in Power...
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    Silk Bio 101TC

    SilkBio 101TC

    Amazing high performance biometric identification terminal for...
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    Fingerprint & Proximity ESS Terminal

    Fingerprint & Proximity ESS Terminal Speed,...
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    Handpunch 1000 – Biometric Handscanner

    Handpunch 1000 Superior scanning accuracy, ideal...
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    Platinum+ Weatherproof Industrial Terminal

    Addtime Weatherproof Industrial Terminal All the...
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    Battery/Portable System

    TIMY Time Recorder Battery operated time...
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    Desktop Enrollers

    For quick & easy desktop scanning...
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    fire alarm panel

    Fire Alarm Monitor Panel

    Specification 15,000 employees 9,500 archive storage...
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time and attendance