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Biometric Workforce Management

Why you need to switch to biometric workforce management

We already exist in a world where the use of biometrics has become commonplace – you only have to open your phone with your thumb to see this in action. Integrating this into workforce management has many of the same benefits, including greater accuracy, security and effectiveness. Working with biometrics can help to optimise workforce …

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Why Biometrics is the future of Access Control and Workforce Management

Biometrics is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for those seeking out the most sophisticated options for access control and workforce management. Two separate studies have now focused on the way in which biometrics is a game changer in this area and how these key technologies are going to play a role in helping the access …

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Addtime Introduce ‘Biometric Enrolment’ Service

“The reason for introducing a Biometric Enrolment Service according to Addtime Sales Manager Tim Groves is that organisations should not under-estimate the importance of biometric enrolment and testing as the first step in implementing a comprehensive workforce management solution”  It is widely accepted that introducing biometric time and attendance software (facial/fingerprint or hand recognition) into …

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Facial recognition from Suprema

Biometric time and attendance from Addtime & Suprema

In terms of biometric time and attendance, Addtime have always welcomed new technologies to help improve the product offering to customers. Consequently, we are delighted to announce our new partnership with Suprema UK global leaders in biometrics and security. Technology has advanced rapidly over the course of our 30+ years history, a lot has changed …

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Biometric clocking in machines

Are biometric clocking in machines a good idea?

In this article, we give an overview of how biometric clocking in machines can benefit your business by uniquely verifying an individual’s attendance on-site and eliminating time clock fraud. Each year businesses lose staggering amounts of revenue due to time theft and attendance fraud. A troubling example of this featured on our screens last week …

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