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Why you need to switch to biometric workforce management

We already exist in a world where the use of biometrics has become commonplace – you only have to open your phone with your thumb to see this in action. Integrating this into workforce management has many of the same benefits, including greater accuracy, security and effectiveness. Working with biometrics can help to optimise workforce management, contribute to business performance and create a more practical, safe and positive culture. These are just some of the reasons why you need to switch to biometric workforce management for your business.

  • Real time insights. When you’re working with biometric workforce management data you’ll be able to see much more than just hours worked. You’ll also have insight into other areas such as repeated lateness, sick days and overtime. All departments can access these insights to switch to a more proactive business model, for example notifying employees if overtime limits have almost been reached.
  • Stringent honesty standards. Biometric systems can’t be fooled so there is no opportunity for people to ‘punch in’ for a friend even if they’re not actually there so that person gets paid for hours they haven’t actually worked.
  • Avoid errors with payroll. Even if you’re not struggling with people clocking in for hours they haven’t worked, if you don’t have a reliable workforce management system in place you could still be experiencing a lot of errors with your payroll. Using timesheets, or a device such as a fob, can be time consuming and create a lot of extra work within the business – plus there is plenty of scope for human error. A biometric system can help to minimise the number of mistakes that affect your payroll and give your team more time to add value elsewhere.
  • Improving health and safety and access control. You can use biometric workforce management to set management alerts for situations that could be challenging, for example if you’re a construction business and there is no trained first aid operative on site. It can also be used to restrict access so only the right people are in specific areas at certain times.
  • Real time visibility on an entire workforce. You’ll be able to see where people are and when, whether you’re dealing with contractors on a site or individuals in an office. It’s much easier to track the movements of employees and also those who are only on your premises temporarily. This can make it much simpler to engage in more effective workforce coordination and to enable better and more accurate communication across the organisation.
  • Making life easier for your staff. The reality of biometric systems is that they are easy to use because the person simply has to show up. There is no device to lose, no code to forget and employees are already used to biometrics on their own devices so can manage their work life in the same way that they would their personal life.

Biometric workforce management has a huge range of benefits for any business and can simplify the way that labour is handled going forward.

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