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Asset Management Software

New for Platinum+ 2017 is the asset manager module part of the Personnel software functionality. Designed initially to provide a method of keeping track of personal protection equipment, the module has rapidly expanded to include other items including mobile phones, IT equipment and any other assets that need regular servicing.


The module is not just limited to personal items normally the remit of HR. It has been developed to include tangible assets such as company vehicles, fork-lift trucks and even items such as boilers, ventilation and air-conditioning units, so could in fact be used by maintenance and facilities managers to help them keep track of their assets. The module also allows you to store maintenance records and even asset disposal information.

Asset Control

Also new for 2017 within the asset management module is the weatherproof asset controller reader and the asset controller. These items can be connected to any piece of machinery and will stop it from being used by an operator until they have proved who they are and whether they have the right training skills or competences to use it with a biometric or proximity card reader feature.

asset management software

asset management system

asset management software

asset management software

Benefits Summary

  • PPE equipment register – Records the type of equipment issued to each employee along with key information such as: date of issue, size, cost, supplier and expiration date.
  • Lower replacement costs – Managers can see an overview of any equipment issued and if an employee should leave, a list of ‘assets’ to be returned can easily be compiled
  • Reminders – Do you know when all your warranties and maintenance contracts are due to expire? Asset Register will remind you, so you’re never caught out.
  • Links assets to individuals – Ensures employees take responsibility for the equipment issued and by linking assets to individuals, you know have an inventory at all times.
  • Safer staff – Give your H&S Officer access to the Asset Register and they can log fire extinguisher, alarm and fire door checks.
  • Service dates visibility –Give Facilities or Maintenance managers more control by using the Asset Register to record and control service dates of boilers, ventilation systems, production equipment and more.
  • Easier training management – Use Asset Register to log each item’s training requirements, to ensure your equipment training is consistent.
  • Document storage – From safety checks to training, warranties to asset disposal, make the Asset Register the single point for all your compliance records, then scan and store all the asset’s related documents in the system.
asset management
asset management

No matter how much equipment you supply to your staff, The Platinum+ Asset Manager helps you keep track of it. So when warranties are due, training is needed, or an employee leaves, you always know where to find it and have control over the equipment that matters to your company. Security, safety and compliance all in one software!


“I’d recommend Platinum+. It’s really straightforward. Really simple to use. And Addtime have really looked after us.”

Jayne Dunne, Payroll Manager, Baa Bar


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