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How much time are your people spending completing, collating and chasing timesheets? And how much productivity are you losing to poor time-keeping? Switch to an Addtime Time & Attendance (T&A) system and free up time, resource and money.

Every business grows. When it does, you want your people spending time doing productive work, not chasing, completing or approving timesheets.

Attendance Adjustments


Addtime has time and attendance systems for every business, including battery and wireless systems and low cost systems. But when you need time and attendance built for scale, and with a huge range of functions that stretch far beyond T&A, Platinum+ delivers.

You can find more on Platinum+’s absence management, job costing, HR, scheduling and access control capabilities throughout this site. But when it comes to time and attendance, Platinum+ does more to make your clocking more accurate, give you full departmental or organisational vison, and save you money.

  • Adapts to your flexitime, shifts, schedules and rosters – You don’t operate quite the same hours as anyone else. With Platinum+ the flexibility to customise shift patterns, rosters and schedules is practically infinite
  • Spot anomalies fast – So keeping your timekeeping correct is easy
  • Keep overtime on budget – Use Platinum+ to set your rules for overtime, so you always stay within budget
  • Payroll in a fraction of the time – Reduce the monthly payroll run from hours to minutes. Platinum+ integrates with most leading payroll management systems, so you can export time and attendance information quickly and simply – and remove the potential for double keying and other errors

T&A Daily Schedule

  • Departmental vision – It’s easier to spot issues, plan effectively and compare like with like when you can break your time and attendance down by department. Platinum+ allows you to plan for each department within the company, selecting employees with the right skills for the job in hand
  • Real-time roll call – Quickly see who is on or off site with the Attendance Display Panel providing real-time roll call capabilities for the whole company or by department
  • Employee self-service – At your desk or at the terminal, keep your employees in control of their own time and attendance. Find out more
  • 20+ years in the making – We’ve had years to refine our time and attendance systems, from traditional clock card machines to the latest software based systems, to make sure they deliver everything you need, simply

Save, streamline and simplify: make Time & Attendance part of your whole workforce management system – with Addtime.

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Attendance Adjustments

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Period Schedules

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Attendance Anomalies

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