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We’ve made the change from time and attendance to whole workforce management systems

We’ve made the change from time and attendance to whole workforce management systems. Here’s why you should too…

There’s been an Addtime Recording Company Ltd for over 33 years, but it’s not the same Addtime it’s always been. Like every business, we’ve evolved with our customers, with technology and with the times. Below we explain how workforce management systems can benefit you.

The journey to whole workforce management

Once, we specialised solely in clocking machines. Then we became one of the UK’s leading suppliers of time and attendance systems. But like many organisations up and down the country, we came to realise that simple time and attendance isn’t always enough for a modern company.

At our heart, we’re all about solving business problems. That’s why we adopted a more consultative approach with our customers. We realised we didn’t know enough about them – and you can’t attempt to solve your customers’ problems unless you talk to them and find out what those problems are.

What we discovered was that our clients needed more than pure time and attendance. They needed business tools that gave them absence management software, HR, payroll integration, fire roll call, access control, asset registers and job costing too. They needed all of it, and frequently they were running half a dozen different systems so they could have it.

We introduced Platinum+, one system that could do all of it without the problems of system A not talking to system B, in response to that need.

Matching our message to our mission

There are a lot of elements that contribute to business change. Our shift in services and strategy needed to be supported by a website that reflected who we are now, not who we were. The quality of our data needed to improve. And we needed a logo, strapline and mission statement that truly demonstrated who we are.

As a result, we’ve developed the website you’re on now – one that spends as much (if not more) time asking the questions businesses ask us, and then attempting to answer them, rather than simply selling products.

A new CRM system makes us more responsive in the way we work with our clients. The new logo and strapline (‘complete workforce vision’) better reflects who we are and what we stand for. And our mission: Save (time and money); Streamline (business processes and reduce paper); Simplify (the way staff do their work) gets to the heart of what we’re about.

Let a whole workforce management system transform your business

We’ve realised that, for many businesses, it takes more than time and attendance to make a workforce tick. But it’s no good buying system after system and hoping they’ll integrate happily (because they usually won’t).

As a business we made the change to whole workforce management systems because it expands the scope of what we do massively. A whole workforce management system can transform your business too – although for very different reasons. It can bring everything under one roof. It can automate, monitor and report on things you weren’t even aware were acting as a drain on your time or finances. It can protect your workforce. It can free up resources to do something else. It can cut costs.

And that’s why it’s not just us who who can benefit from making the change from simple time and attendance to whole workforce management. You can too. Ready to make the change? Please call us on 01942 272061.

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