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How to find the best biometric enrolment system for my business?

Biometric enrolment is an essential first step towards comprehensive biometric workforce management, including time and attendance systems that use facial, fingerprint or hand recognition.

For large and complex organisations, it’s crucial to get biometric data compiled 100% correctly, first time, in order to sustain employee confidence in the new system and in the security of their data.

This needs top-down endorsement from Board level to integrate biometric attendance systems as an ordinary part of the workplace culture.

It also needs the best biometric enrolment system for your business to be in place, to streamline the process and eliminate potential errors before they occur.

Addtime provide a Biometric Enrolment Service to support our Platinum Enterprise workforce management customers, which we have found to be the best way for organisations to access our experience and expertise.

A good biometric enrolment system should collect comprehensive biometric data across your organisation with as little fuss or delay as possible – and we aim to ensure this is the case.

What is the Platinum Biometric Enrolment Service?

Our Biometric Enrolment Service delivers on multiple targets to collate your employees’ biometric data and bring your biometric time and attendance systems online:

1. Enrolment and registration of employees on biometric attendance device or as many as can be made available within the agreed timescales for either facial or fingerprint recognition.

2. Matching the biometric profile to the employees name and details on the Platinum database

3. Testing to ensure clocking or access data pulls through to the Platinum database for attendance bookings or access control log.

4. Our ‘Right First Time’ approach by Addtime Technicians ensures that the customer has complete trust and confidence in our Platinum system before the ‘Go Live’ date.

We can offer this service across a variety of different biometric hardware, whether you choose facial detection, fingerprint recognition, hand scanning or some combination of all three.

Our vast experience in this area means we are well versed in working within the limitations of data protection policies, as well as with diverse workforces where not all employees may be fluent English-speaking.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about the Platinum Biometric Enrolment Service, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help or organise a FREE consultation.

To contact Addtime, fill in our online contact form or call 01942 272071 and Save, Streamline and Simplify your processes using our biometric attendance software with biometric enrolment.

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