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Why your HR department should embrace new clocking in software

Why your HR department should embrace new clocking in software

When it comes to maximising efficiency across your workforce, embracing new technologies – like advanced clocking in software – provides an effective way of ensuring you get the most out of your HR team’s time.

Human resources departments can vary from business to business. Some may focus more on payroll and recruitment, while others may concentrate on legal and compliance issues. One unifying factor for HR teams, however, is the need to review employee performance and improve processes that will benefit the business.

Your HR department may already have a system in place to monitor time spent at work or dealing with particular tasks. If this system has been around for a while though, you could well be missing out on a whole host of features offered by modern clocking in software.

HR Department analysing payroll data

Thanks to significant advances in the technology in recent years, clocking in software isn’t just restricted to tracking time and attendance.

The software can help your HR department to streamline their own processes thanks to the ease and speediness of the technology available. In the longer term, it will make it easier to generate reports, review performance and speed up any mundane admin tasks.

Platinum Enterprise Solution from Addtime

10 ways your HR team can benefit from Platinum Enterprise clocking in software:

  1. The team will benefit from a centralised system for personnel and absence records.
  2. They’ll get real time alerts for training and qualification expiry dates.
  3. Time is reduced as the automated holiday request system empowers employees to manage their own entitlements and requests.
  4. The software gives the HR department the ability to monitor absenteeism and sickness more accurately, using tools like the Bradford Factor.
  5. They have the ability to create an asset registry that records when equipment is given out to employees.
  6. It can monitor warranty and service dates of machinery.
  7. The HR department have greater transparency across one or multiple sites regarding costs for senior management.
  8. Paperwork burden is reduced and reporting efficiency is improved.
  9. Management have superior business forecasting and visibility.
  10. Not just improved productivity and reduced costs for HR, but across the whole organisation.

Switching to Platinum clocking in software from Addtime, you can vastly cut down on paperwork by managing, completing and logging time sheets digitally. The software’s extensive capabilities also means that you can integrate the clocking system with other HR aspects, like work scheduling, payroll and a real time roll call – useful in case of an emergency evacuation or standard fire drill procedure.

To find out how a workforce management system like Platinum Enterprise can streamline various processes in your company, speak to Addtime today on 01942 272 061 or head to our contact form and get in touch with us online.



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