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Upgrading your clocking systems can save 50% of a Payroll Manager’s time

Are you looking to save time for your HR Team? This articles explores ways in which upgrading your clocking systems an make life easier for your Payroll Manager.

On the face of it the role of a Payroll Manager is straightforward. They are responsible for ensuring that employee’s salaries are credited with the appropriate amount of money on the right date at the right time, but delving deeper it’s easy to spot the difficulties this person may face at their job. They must be trustworthy and have a keen eye for detail to ensure they comprehensively accomplish their end-to-end tasks with precision. Their role is busy and varied and requires lots of task juggling as multiple duties need to be performed throughout the month – not just in the lead up to pay day.

Traditionally Payroll Managers have spent a large proportion of their time undertaking administrative work. Today more and more of these professionals are also under pressure to focus on transformational work to deliver results. Companies are addressing this expectation by introducing new advanced clocking systems with features that reduce time spent on laborious tasks.

Pain Points for Payroll Managers:

The most common issue Addtime consultants come across when discussing pain points with Payroll teams is that too much time is spent processing payroll. In the event that a company has multiple sites, the Payroll Manager would be required to input clock card data from each site into a spread sheet together with any bonuses, overtime payments or deductions, all before the data is entered into their payroll system.

Payroll Managers found this a to be a recurring challenge and in 1 company with multiple sites up to 1.5 weeks per month was taken up for staff paid monthly, and most of a Monday morning for weekly paid employees.

As a result of this, other tasks were being neglected and HR/Payroll Managers were becoming increasingly frustrated at work.

Sound familiar? Upgrading your companies clocking systems could be the answer.

Upgrading your clocking systems really can abolish these frustrations for HR/payroll teams. With an automated time and attendance system, there are no time sheets or lost cards. Payroll Manager’s are easily able to export management reports. Both employers and employees have full transparency and the ability to check hours if necessary.

Addtime’s solution was to provide Platinum Enterprise workforce management solution that would provide:

  • Biometrics to avoid time clock fraud.
  • Electronic time sheets to accurately record attendance, lateness and missed clocking’s.
  • Schedules set up with rates of pay, overtime and bonuses.
  • Direct linking that integrates Platinum+ directly with payroll system with click of a button.

As a result, many companies we work with have been able streamline their payroll and reduce the time to process it by over 50%.

The end result:

  • Timesheet information into payroll is collated in hours not days and weeks.
  • A more motivated HR/Payroll manager.
  • Time saved allows her to focus on equally important tasks across the business.
  • Financial savings based on reduced administration costs.

To find out how a workforce management system like Platinum Enterprise can streamline various processes in your company, speak to Addtime today on 01942 272 061 or head to our contact form and get in touch with us online.



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