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Addtime Pleased To Announce New Partnership With Suprema

As a forward thinking company we always welcome the introduction of new technology to help improve the offering we provide to our customers, which is why we’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Suprema.








Technology has advanced rapidly over the course of our 30+ years history in operation. In that time a lot has changed and we have come a long way as a company.

Addtime is no longer just a clocking in machine/time recording company; our market leading software Platinum Enterprise saves established businesses across the UK time and money everyday. We have evolved into being much more time and attendance centric, focussing on providing biometric solutions to help a variety of businesses manage their workforce and payroll with ease.

Suprema are global leaders in biometric securities and facial recognition combining globally acclaimed biometric algorithms with superior engineering. They strive to continually design and develop industry leading products and solutions. Their offering spans across biometrics access control systems, time and attendance devices, fingerprint, live scanners and embedded fingerprint modules.

The partnership with Suprema prompts the start of exciting advancements for Addtime as we will now be able to offer our customers facial recognition as a solution for access control. Consequently we will now be providing a range of ultra-fast biometric clocking terminal and access control options including the Facestation 2 – the worlds most advanced smart facial recognition attendance terminal.


Click here to view the Facestation 2 promo video. 

Facial recognition has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and is set to become the standard in the future. The technology verifies a person’s identity by matching them to their personal data stored on file. This method of identification is growing increasingly more popular in major airports across the globe and has also been adopted by leading companies like Apple – who recently launched the I Phone X replacing the fingerprint unlocking function with facial recognition.

To find out how Addtime using Suprema hardware with Platinum Enterprise can help you and your business, please call 01942 272 061 or get in touch with us online through our contact form.





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