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How thermal and facial recognition systems can help prevent a COVID-19 outbreak on return to the workplace

Thermal and facial recognition systems have become an increasingly common method of time and attendance tracking in recent years, as a convenient alternative to traditional clocking-in machines.

When integrated with Platinum Enterprise Time and Attendance Software, thermal and facial recognition systems can support an unlimited number of users and employees, complex shift patterns, enable door access control and automate fire roll calls.

Visual and infra-red face recognition allow detection around the clock, even in low light conditions, with strong anti-spoofing technology to prevent misuse.

As workplaces begin to open back up in the tail end of the Coronavirus pandemic, thermal recognition systems in particular can play an important role as a screening tool to help prevent another COVID-19 outbreak.

How thermal recognition systems help reduce COVID-19 risks

The addition of a thermal camera allows facial recognition systems to quickly measure the elevated body skin temperature of each individual, to highlight potential anomalies.

Results can be integrated into Platinum Enterprise Time and Attendance Software for record-keeping and regulatory compliance, as part of organisation-wide efforts to maintain the highest health and safety standards for a COVID-secure workplace.

If an individual is not wearing the appropriate mask, the system can raise an alert. If an individual’s body skin temperature reads unusually high, the system can again raise an alert. Managers can be notified immediately via automated email, so action can be taken without delay.

The connectedness of the compiled data allows for easy contact tracing between employees, and door access control means anyone flagged as an anomaly can be prevented from entering the premises.

Find out more about managing workplace COVID risks

As we move through the final phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of risks will remain for the working-age population, especially those who have not yet been vaccinated.

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