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Workforce Management Solutions in Care Homes

Workforce management software provides the means to manage your workforce where owning or managing an organisation like an elderly care home can be challenging. At Addtime, we understand the need to work more efficiently and effectively in this sector is constant and because managers tend to act differently in comparison to similar organisations, having to deal with both staff and residents. Consequently, management of the workforce becomes much more complex in contrast to other organisations.

In this article, we are going to look at how Platinum Enterprise biometric software helps the care home sector Save, Streamline and Simplify their processes and at the same time save on their operational costs and improve their productivity.

SAVE – Time & Money!
Track working hours more effectively and only pay for hours worked.

Build shift patterns and integrate existing working rules like – break times, rounding’s, grace times, and overtime.

Manage all of the complex calculations necessary to speed up payroll and reduce process time by up to 50%.

Create real-time alerts can then identify lateness, missed clocking’s and unauthorised absences and can be quickly corrected to ensure they don’t affect the day’s operations.

STREAMLINE – Paper-based processes

Work schedules allocate the right staff to the right jobs and enable quick shift changes that automatically feeds into employee timesheets.

Complete visibility and transparency from an overview of holidays booked before approval to ensure sufficient cover and using the Planner to ensure shifts are covered effectively.

Training expiry dates can be flagged in real time, well in advance to ensure both the home and the employees are not put at risk.

Comprehensive reports available in the form of graphs, charts, and tables ensure managers receive information in the format of their choice and automation can ensure they receive them when they want them ready for meetings.

Real-time information and automated reports from Platinum Enterprise can not only help save time but improve decision making and communication between departments as information is available quickly via the network

SIMPLIFY – Way people work using technology

Biometric hardware uniquely verifies a person’s identity for attendance or access control by detecting and matching the person’s physical features such as: face, fingerprint or hands for example to a database.

This will immediately start to eliminate time clock fraud (ie. employees clocking in for each other).

The introduction of next-generation facial recognition terminals uses non-contact and avoids issues of cross-contamination and hygiene, particularly important in the Health sector.

Many care home managers need to work in multiple locations and need to access information wherever they are on a choice of devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). Platinum Enterprise solves this using a web-based portal or a mobile management application.

According to a survey performed by Manager Complete, 70% of SME’s claim poor communication is their biggest problem due to its time-consuming nature. Having a tool that allows you to access information easily and communicate to any location, from any location, means poor communication becomes a thing of the past.

View our case studies to see how Addtime have helped many businesses Save, Streamline and Simplify their processes with Platinum software

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