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Time and Attendance system Platinum+

Time and Attendance system Platinum+

About The Product

Addtime Platinum Plus Hardware

Addtime Platinum Plus time and attendance system comes with a wide selection of hardware terminals to suit your needs. The Proximity terminal can also be linked to a fire alarm system for roll call and is capable of ringing a sounder/siren for the start and end of shifts.

Addtime Platinum Plus Software

Simply define each of your daily/weekly work patterns and the easy-to-use time and attendance system will calculate the most complex of overtime rules. Replacing laborious and manual ‘pen-and-paper’ calculations, with an automated ‘total-hours worked’ solution to improve efficiency and reducing human error. Implementing an Addtime time and attendance system will save you time and money.

The time and attendance systems software specifically written and designed for the UK market.

Addtime Platinum Plus Features


  • Comprehensive flexitime, rotational and shift based features.
  • Choose from a wide selection of standard break types, overtime rules and working rules that suit your needs.
  • Shift patterns can be modified by using the script editor to cope with bespoke overtime and attendance rules.
  • The pro-active agenda screen lets you know when anomalies such as missed clockings, lateness, absences etc. have occurred.
  • Automatically flag overtime etc. so that authorisation is required by managers and administrators.
  • Incorporates PIP technology see below.

Absence and Holidays

  • Comprehensive absence and holiday booking wizards to ensure required information has been entered correctly.
  • Detailed statistical information is available while booking absences, this will allow you to keep good staffing levels and ensure that employees cannot take more than their entitlement.
  • Platinum Plus can automatically renew your absence entitlements for you each year, taking into account any days that need to be carried forward from the previous absence year.
  • You can setup absence entitlement groups with special rules for new starters and long serving employees.
  • Incorporates PIP technology (see below).


  • Comprehensive personnel database.
  • Store unlimited training details, disciplinary details, vehicle details etc…
  • Use the personnel wizard to quickly set up new employees, ensuring that all the required information has been added correctly.
  • The pro-active agenda screen lets you know when qualifications, review dates etc. are about to expire.
  • User defined fields allow you to hold unlimited amounts of information specific to your company that is not included in the other personnel modules.
  • Print blank forms for new starters so that employee information can easily be collected.

Access Control

  • Comprehensive access control features.
  • Keep track of your employees with real time monitoring.
  • Use the alert centre to be immediately notified of failed entry attempts, doors that are ajar and doors that have been forced. Perfect for security guards and system administrators.
  • Keep an archive of all door activity for future reference.
  • Quickly disable lost and stolen badges.

Reporting using Crystal XI

  • Generate historical reports over many time periods allowing you to calculate grand totals with ease.
  • Quickly filter and narrow down the information on your reports to provide you with exact and focused information.
  • Change the appearance of your reports, without using any additional report designer software by using the built in appearance settings.
  • Hide irrelevant information on your reports with simple appearance settings – saving you paper and making reports easier to read.
  • Export your reports to many formats including Excel. PDF and HTML for publishing on your corporate internet/intranet sites.
  • Email your reports to your colleagues with a choice of various formats.
  • Merge employee information with MS Word format templates for letters or contracts.
  • Produce charts, graphs and reports from your employee data and export information to MS Office applications. Many different reports and queries are already built in, and you can add your own.

PIP (Personal Information Portal)

  • Give your employee read-only access to their own attendance information and let them check the status of pending absence requests from home or anywhere on your network.
  • Allow employees to check how many holidays they have left without them contacting the HR department.
  • Employees can add attendance bookings from within the PIP, allowing employees to work from home or clock in using a browser on your network.

(Terminals shown are for illustration purposes only, and maybe subject to change)

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